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Hi-Smart Home Automation Gateway

Home Automation Gateway has plainly started revolutionizing the smart world ecosystem community. It began with cell phones after that went on to houses and is now considering cities at large. Automated home gateways are basically a fad. And indeed, it is implied to remain in the future. Obviously, big technology brands like Apple, Google, and Amazon are running a close marathon in the automation market.

Superior applications, such as remote diagnostics as well as repair, need innovative communications and processing. Faststream Technologies HiSmart Electronic Solutions Modular Gateway provides mobile communications as well as processing that integrates GPS, GPRS data, and onboard device communication using CAN, RS 232, or Ethernet. It’s environmentally secured and carefully evaluated to make sure efficiency in one of the most required environmental conditions.

The Modular Gateway could be integrated with external, peripheral components to give a range of additional cordless communication choices such as Wi-Fi, satellite, or short-range radio. It additionally uses one-of-a-kind SIM options, including embedded, solderable, as well as plug-in cards. SIM cards come using a patent-pending, sealed-socket assembly that comes from the outside of the unit.

Historically developed networks normally create problems for a long time. Where formerly a timeless Fieldbus like CANopen, PROFIBUS, or DeviceNet was the recommended network, Ethernet-based bus systems are liked nowadays. A protocol change from one Fieldbus to another takes place regularly in practice.

A total exchange of the communication components is costly or commonly not feasible, as the communication circuit board is part of the control circuit board. Suppose gateways were established as investment security. In German, they are called “protocol converters”. The gateway compresses all data that the target network could transmit. It drops data that could not be sent or adds necessary data.

Modular Gateway Solution

Gateways such as the Faststream Technologies Gateway make it possible for reputable as well as continual communication in between various networks and systems. Faststream Technologies Gateway transforms all data that the target network could transfer. It leaves out non-transferrable data and includes essential data in the new network. Hence, the operators could transfer all essential data from one closed network to another.

With this Gateway series, Faststream Technologies offers a protocol converter that could be affixed to DIN rails and detached again quickly through plug and play. The protocols themselves lie in portable components, whose housings are just 22.5 x 101.4 x 115 in size. The components are attached using a jumper to a gateway. The user could exchange the protocol components quickly and conveniently to link one network to another. Personalized solutions are also feasible. Faststream Technologies HiSmart Home Automation Gateway is geared up with an integrated web server; program components are upgraded through the FTP server. The optimal result of the series is 3 Watt; the voltage resistance varies from minus 15 to plus 20 percent.

The modular system enables easy configuration of our Gateway by plug-in linkage or adaptation by exchanging the module. Using a jumper you connect 2 protocols to a complete gateway.

A huge benefit of Faststream Technologies HiSmart Home Automation Gateway is the decrease in stock costs. Because of the modular framework, you could wait with the configuration till the time of shipment to your consumer.


  • Power supply 24 V.
  • Connection for power supply through the screw-type terminal (optional: spring-loaded terminal).
  • power < 3 W.
  • Throughput Max. 512 bytes.
  • Cycle time 2-3 ms.
  • Cycle time between gateway modules 1.2 ms.
  • FTP for firmware upgrade.
  • Diversely combinable with various protocols.
  • Easy plug-in connection for bus modules using the plug-in jumper.
  • Installation on a DIN rail.
  • Dimensions H/B/T= 101.4/ 22.5/ 115 mm.
  • Galvanized isolation.
  • Area of application 0-60 ° C.
  • Custom Design versions possible.

With its modular design, Gateway Reference Platform provides versatility to develop IoT Solutions for Industries ranging from Home, Building, Manufacturing, HealthCare, Transportation as well as other IoT Industries. IoT Ecosystem requires lower-bound and upper-bound versatility in regards to connectivity. Multi-Radio Connectivity and Flexible Software Architecture Design permit M2M Solution carriers to conveniently & swiftly construct Smart Products- just by connecting any type of radio module and integrate any type of cloud in our gateway.

Created with ARM ® Cortex ®-A7 based i.MX6UL Ultralite Application processor, Low Power KW2xD/KW41z cordless MCU with integrated IEEE 802.15.4 radio, NXP PN7120 NFC Controller as well as NXP JN5169 ZigBee Module. Two radio module support enables synchronized several radio-connectivity. Connectivity modules have integrated open standards communication protocols and embedded firmware modules enabling clients to get their sensors connected to gateways as well as directly to the cloud for more data evaluation.


  • Modular Hardware Design
  • ZigBee Ready
  • Based on i.MX6UL Ultra-low ARM Cortex – A7
  • Thread Ready
  • Quick Easy Tap & Connect End Devices
  • Control End Devices via Cloud
  • mikroBUS™ compatible connector
  • Supports Wi-Fi & BLE
  • Multi-Radio Connectivity Support
  • Support External 3G Connectivity
  • Unified South-bound & North-bound connectivity
  • Ability to control multiple edge devices
  • Supports multiple OS (Linux, Yocto, OpenWRT, Brillo)
  • Customizable & Expandable
  • Hardware-Enabled Advanced Security
  • Functions As Thread Border Router
  • Support IoT Protocol (MQTT, CoAP)
  • Supports 2 Low Power Radio Modules Simultaneously
  • Functions As ZigBee Coordinator

Home Automation Gateway Platform

The customer provides cost-free smart home automation with video security control. It increases with add-on connected products to manage homes from anywhere in the world. Customers could utilize their spare smartphone and tablet for home monitoring.

Developing an iPhone application that could use the device’s camera to release video over media server and other devices could see real-time or live streaming. The purpose is to connect and regulate devices such as robotic stands, smart plugs, meters, and a lot more.

With the help of Bluetooth technology, Faststream Technologies smart blinds module communicates directly with your smart devices, and our smart blinds work on onboard memory so that your blinds work even when you are not in the Bluetooth range.

Our Smartblinds come with a smart switch so that you can control up to five groups of blinds at the touch of the button.

Our HiSmart Home Automation Gateway easily integrates with locks, doors, etc. We believe that the door in today’s home isn’t just about keeping the bad people but it is also about letting the right people in your family, friends, etc. With our home automation gateway, you are always in control of your front door, no matter where you are, right from your smartphone.

Applications of Home Automation Gateway

Smart Home

From switching to lights and coffee pot from another location to checking gas & water use, automate your daily tasks. Design your personal Smart Home Solution!

Smart Building

Integrate HVAC and smart fire, flood safety, and security together with a control panel view to monitor and also manage electricity, water, and other properties. Design your M2M Development Kits for Smart Buildings!

Smart Security

Be familiar with who is at your front door on your mobile phone and select whether to remotely unlock the door. Yes, that’s possible! Utilize this recommendation design and create your personal Security IoT Solution!

Smart HealthCare

View, handle and check your health and wellness vitals making use of the smart device. Send your health and wellness-related data to your family physician for remote monitoring. Design IoT Smart Healthcare Solutions!

Smart Energy

Get information about your electrical power use, design your very own Smart metering IoT solutions for Water as well as Gas!
With Faststream Technologies HiSmart Home Automation Gateway, it’s everything you need for total and secure control over your home, front door with a smart lock, fire alarms, etc.

To know more about our offerings and expertise and to get an overview of this design, connect with us at [email protected] or call us at +1 310–491–0410.