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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobility has emerged as a disruptive technology tackled by Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Mobile devices unlike before have introduced services that that can possibly change the way in which organizations work together. Mobility can help organizations to use contextual data to reach out to their clients more adequately.

Mobile technologies have the potential to unlock enormous value, and unleashed solutions to help businesses. However, companies experience challenges to unlock the opportunities offered by mobile devices.

Enterprise Mobility and challenges associated with it

As compared to the enterprise adaptation rate, the innovation rate in mobile devices, social software, and cloud computing increases rapidly, so IT organizations that do not adhere to enterprise mobility lose their importance. Enterprises battle with mobile governance, or the management of the people, policy, and process issues. This is due to the fact in order to improve efficiency enterprises organize their people into silos, thus making it troublesome for those enterprises to solve mobility challenges because the solutions revolve around many operational domains.

The ascent of enterprise mobility likewise observed the ascent of bringing your own device (BYOD) policies. These policies presented huge challenges for IT, as new security issues surfaced. In order to excel, BYOD policies must incorporate input from users, business units, human resources, legal, support personnel, application developers, and the networking team. Organizations must understand that they can’t center on a single issue to tackle enterprise mobility challenges; instead, they need to bring all stakeholders into the fold to make productive and effective enterprise mobility.

Benefits of enterprise mobility solutions:

Business processes are now mobile-driven: By virtue of smartphones, businesses that followed old methods of doing business have shifted to smartphones to access the cloud and to send emails and reports.

Productivity levels: With mobility, businesses experienced increased productivity and creativity, which also increased overall profitability.

Improved customer care: Enterprise mobility solutions facilitates better catering to customers; leading to better customer service and customer loyalty.

Our Approach

Our offerings include a portfolio of tools and services for the mobile enterprise.

Strategy and Consulting: Develop a sound technique to attain your enterprise mobility goals.

Delivery Services: Design custom mobile applications—UI design, testing, data integration, and security.

Managed Services: We offer faster deployment of mobile technology through cloud-enabled services for a fixed fee.

Mobility Solutions: Mobility solutions provide pre-built frameworks and complete enterprise solutions.


Faststream helped one of the clients to design a next-generation vending machine solution using IoT and AI that supports functions such as predictive maintenance, customer-centric loyalty programs, and cashless transactions, and Mobility Solutions, feel free and contact us for more details: Email: [email protected]

June 3, 2014


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