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Trucks are expensive assets that need to be kept track of every second of the day for quality ROI and business improvement.



Our Truck Fleet Management Service


Smart, plug-in OBD-2 telematics computers communicate with your vehicles & record critical fleet management information directly from the vehicle engine’s onboard computers.


Monitor speed, fuel usage, idle time, driver behavior and critical vehicle diagnostic data, together with humidity and temperature sensors that could be added in case of sensitive cargo transport.


Gain key insights to increase transportation and storage efficiency.


Drive-by systems contain RFID wireless AP that identifies any vehicle entering or leaving a particular site, and records every event on the cloud.


Alerts would be sent if a truck is taking too long to reach its destination.


Accessibility and remote control powered from any authorized Android/iOS phone, Windows PC or tablet. The system works on any car or truck fleet.


Easy installation – Takes about a minute to set-up the system. Plugs into the DLC port under the driver’s seat. Forget expensive and complex cellular networks and machinery.

        Simple, Cost-Effective, Full Control

We built this solution to help managers and companies take complete control of their fleet with precise and live data from every corner of their business domain. We aim for complete customer satisfaction, making sure we remove every stressor in their logistics management.