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TDM Hybrid Switch

The TDM hybrid switch is a high-performance device that provides a range of features such as call routing, number translation, call queuing, and call forwarding. It is a digital switch that allows individual time slots within a digital signal to be rearranged or interchanged, enabling efficient time-division multiplexing and de-multiplexing in telecommunications and networking applications. It can handle a large number of calls simultaneously and can be easily integrated with other communication systems.


The TDM hybrid switch is designed to work with different types of communication protocols such as ISDN, VoIP, and SIP. It provides a wide range of connectivity options, including T1/E1, Ethernet, and serial connections. This makes it easy to integrate with other communication systems and devices.


One of the key benefits of the TDM hybrid switch is its ability to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of communication networks. It helps to reduce call drops, improves call quality, and increases call capacity. This can result in a significant cost savings for businesses and organizations that rely on communication networks.

TDM Switch CPU5U LFE5U-45F
TDM Switech-ECP5U-LFE5U-12F

In the dynamic realm of networking, our FastStream Solutions seamlessly integrate with the cutting-edge TDM Hybrid Switch, reshaping the landscape of connectivity. This powerful alliance propels us to the forefront of innovation, delivering a comprehensive solution tailored to the demands of the modern communication era.


Faststream Technology: Catalyst for TDM Hybrid Switch Advancement


1. Unrivaled Speed and Precision:


Faststream Solutions elevate the TDM Hybrid Switch’s performance, ensuring data transfers occur with unmatched speed and precision. This tandem response caters to the agility and responsiveness required in today’s fast-paced communication environments.


2. Versatility at its Pinnacle:


Our integrated solution embraces the future of connectivity. The seamless fusion of Faststream and the TDM Hybrid Switch effortlessly adapts to both traditional TDM services and contemporary packet-based traffic, presenting a versatile, adaptive network infrastructure.


3. Optimized Resource Utilization:


The non-blocking TDM Hybrid Switch architecture’s resource utilization is optimized with FastStream’s integration. This collaboration not only facilitates efficient data transfer but also establishes a foundation for a sustainable and scalable network, ensuring your infrastructure evolves seamlessly with the demands of the digital era.

TDM hybrid switch Features:


  • The design is implemented in RTL using Verilog HDL to generate a functional prototype of three different configurations: 256×256, 1Kx1K and 2Kx2K channel non-blocking TDM switches operating at 2.048 Mb/s.
  • Connection mode feature which maintains the frame integrity of two frames and provides the flexible switching of streams and channels.
  • Processor mode interfacing to configure the contents of connection memory corresponding to the stream and channel that is to be output.
  • The multicasting capability of processor mode is particularly beneficial when numerous devices share input and output streams.
  • Automatically recognizes frame synchronization signals formatted according to various backplane requirements, such as ST-BUS and GCI Timing modes.
  • Microprocessor port utilized is a Motorola non-multiplexed bus architecture which is capable of direct access to all internal memories.
  • Memory Block Programming which provides users with the capability of initializing the entire connection memory block within two frames.
  • Output Drive Enable functionality provides per-channel high impedance output control for the serial outputs.
  • Output Enable functionality providing per-channel processor mode to allow microprocessor writes to TX streams.

Futuristic Integration, Unprecedented Solutions


As torchbearers of innovation, our Faststream Solutions coupled with the TDM Hybrid Switch transcend conventional networking challenges. We are not merely meeting today’s needs; we are setting the gold standard for connectivity solutions that prepare your network for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.


Embark on a transformative journey with the power of Faststream and TDM Hybrid Switch integration — a convergence where speed, adaptability, and efficiency redefine the potential of your network. Elevate your connectivity experience with Faststream Solutions, the driving force behind the future of networking.