Software Defined Networking (SDN), virtualization and the cloud have transformed the manner in which companies innovate. Faststream Technologies offers a wide variety of SDN and cloud-based Network Function Virtualization (NFV) services and solutions that have assisted our customers’ streamline as well as enhance their assets, resources, and architectures, bring about the much faster growth of distinguished, rewarding solutions.

SDN decouples the control from data plans to make it possible for unlimited opportunities in programming the switch for each network requirements. By maximizing and systematizing cutting-edge innovative applications, SDN provides extraordinary OpEx and CapEx savings. Faststream Technologies provides detailed software program frameworks as well as product engineering services and solutions covering all 3 layers of SDN — the application, the controller, and the infrastructure layer. Our SDN software application offerings assist communication equipment providers (CEPs), independent software application vendors (ISV) as well as semiconductor vendors optimize their R&D prices and increase the time to market with cutting-edge innovative SDN services and solutions.

Faststream Technologies SDN Frameworks include:

  • OpenFlow Client.
  • Hybrid Routing and Switching Framework
  • Fast Path Framework
  • OpenFlow Test Automation Framework (OF TAF)
  • SDN Controller Applications

OpenFlow Client:

Faststream Technologies OpenFlow Client (OFC) is a portable execution of the OpenFlow client functionality and it is compliant with version 1.3.1 of the OpenFlow Switch Specification. OFC is an agnostic platform and is pre-integrated on leading silicon platforms. OFC is pre-integrated with Faststream Technologies market leading ISS solutions that could be leveraged to construct hybrid OpenFlow routers and switches.

Hybrid Routing and Switching Framework:

Our hybrid switching framework and Routing supports both Traditional L2/L3-based and OpenFlow-based routing and switching. This framework  works with hybrid and pure OpenFlow switches, and it is pre-integrated on leading silicon platforms; it provides:

  • Generic APIs for simple combination with existing software program architecture.
  • Comprehensive collection of MIB objects for management via SNMP.
  • Support for all OpenFlow messages as well as Configuration via the OF-Config Interface.

OpenFlow Test Automation Framework (OF TAF):

Our OpenFlow Test Automation Framework (OF TAF) provides automatic test cases for the OpenFlow conformance test specification released by the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). CEPs could utilize our OF TAF to confirm their equipment for conformity to the OF Specification. Such pre-certification testing enhances the success rate in the formal OF accreditation program while saving on R&D expenses.

SDN Controller Applications:

Faststream Technologies provides numerous methods from its profile of extensively deployed software program frameworks such as SDN controller applications. Our SDN controller applications provide SDN-based solutions for challenges encountered in the datacenter, carrier networks, and transportation networks today. The applications are pre-integrated on a prominent controller platform and could conveniently be ported throughout various controller platforms with differing southbound user interfaces, consisting of common user interfaces as well as exclusive user interfaces such as OpenFlow. Our SDN applications allow controller vendors to offer cutting-edge innovative applications on their controller platforms with on time to market and lowered R&D expenses. Faststream Technologies Frameworks for routing and OAM are repurposed as controller applications.

Network Function Virtualization:

As specified by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Network Function Virtualization (NFV) intends to change service provider networks by executing virtualized network functions that run on industry-standard server hardware– combining several network equipment types into industry-standard high volume equipment.

NFV opens up a variety of chances for equipment manufacturers and service providers. It aids the service providers to increase the rollout of new services and solutions in their networks and at the very same time, minimize CAPEX/OPEX. Faststream Technologies is a leading provider of software frameworks for NFV since our frameworks are proven in order to help communication equipment providers optimize their R&D costs as well as increase time to market for ingenious NFV solutions, so they could attend to the requirements of service provider networks.

Faststream Technologies NFV Frameworks include:

  • Cloud-based virtual customer-premises equipment (vCPE) Framework
  • Fast Path Accelerator for virtual router (vRouter)

Cloud-based vCPE Framework:

Faststream Technologies cloud-based vCPE is a software framework that virtualizes numerous CPE network functions such as firewall, access control, policy management as well as discovering/connecting gadgets at home utilizing DLNA or UPnP. This framework could be leveraged by CEPs to build ETSI NFV standards-based vCPE solutions. It is developed utilizing Faststream Technologies extensively deployed and industry-leading Intelligent Switching Solution (ISS). Faststream Technologies ISS is an L2/L3 switching and routing solution that has been set out in more than 100 commercial networking products.

Cloud-based vCPE:

The vCPE framework is an NFV application that operates on the cloud to offer the complying with features:

  • Management of circulation and gadget setup data source in the CPE.
  • Periodic tracking of the CPE for solution schedule.
  • Maintaining run time standing and arrangement info in a relentless data source for solution recuperation, in the case of failing.

Faststream Technologies offers software framework to develop an ETSI NFV standard-based solution, allowing our customers to swiftly bring the cutting-edge innovative products to market in spite of hostile timelines as well as minimized prices.

Fast Path Accelerator for vRouter:

Faststream Technologies Fast Path Accelerator (FPA) leverages the power of multi-core style in a virtualized switch or virtualized network application, to carry out a high-performance switching as well as forwarding logic. Fast Path Accelerator (FPA) for vRouters is an application implementation of OpenFlow pipe handling needs to be given up Open Networking Foundation (ONF), OpenFlow specification version 1.3.1. FPA is carried out on Intel’s Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) for multi-core systems. FPA’s architecture is modular with the versatile foundation that could conveniently be included various other multi-core switching platforms.