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IoT in Steel Industry provides ready-to-use software products for the optimization of the steel manufacturing process chain. The smart steel solutions resulting optimizations lead to permanently improved quality, reduction of energy costs, and reduction of CO₂ emissions – without the investment overhead of new physical equipment.


Faststream has already involved the IoT in Steel Industry to develop improved safety measures, but now with the IoT in Steel Industry, the entire production process has advanced for the sake of creating better products in the future. The Smart Factory transforms the conventional idea of a steel mill into an intuitive operating system, promising faster production, higher-quality goods, and safer work environments.


To match the position as a leading global steelmaker, Faststream’s Smart Factory gives evidence of the client company’s optimized facilities for creating the most reliable steel products available worldwide.

Features of Our Smart Steel Factory solutions

  • Smart Steel Technologies’ platform automatically merges L1 (Level 1) and L2 (Level 2) data as well as quality and surface inspection data from all relevant processing steps.
  • All data is mapped back precisely onto exact product positions.
  • The software handles all transformations of the product from tapping liquid steel to galvanized cold-rolled strip.
  • All uncoiling, down coiling, head/tail, top/down flips, cropping, cutting, welding is taken into account.
  • The platform stores data in open formats. Incremental dumps can be imported.
  • Real-time ingestion of thousands of high-resolution process signals can be established.
  • Data conversion modules for commonly used data sources are included.

Using our smart steel solutions the team of experienced computer scientists and data experts has proven in numerous successful steel industry projects how L1(Level 1) signals, L2(Level 2)  databases as well as quality and surface inspection data can be transformed into actionable information quickly and with only limited efforts on the side of the steelmaker.

Merits with our Smart Factory Solutions



  • Guaranteeing Quality Control


The reason why Fast Stream is famous for its technology is because of the quality of its products. Hence, it is crucial that its facilities are able to perform to the best standards possible. With our Smart Factory, you are able to identify any defects during the production process prior to the final stages of the operation.


The system carefully examines each product from start to finish, monitoring raw materials from initialization to checking the state of a nearly-finished product entering a blast furnace.


In the chance that a defect does manifest, Our Smart Factory scans the products to diagnose the problem. As a program meant to learn, the operation determines the exact cause of the defect, taking into account how to prevent it from occurring again in the future.



  • Enhanced Support from Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The most interesting ingredient in Faststream’s Smart Factory solutions is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) – which is utilized to create an optimized environment without human interference. Our AI-based solutions allow the facility to be able to conduct inspections throughout the workstation, independently assessing issues, and automatically assigning solutions given the available information. It is one of the elements that contribute to the unique nature of our Automotive Smart Factory.



  • Predicting through Simulation


Our Factory Solutions can give an overview of a 3D virtual facility that is a replication of the actual factory environment, simulating the production process and predicting the quality of new products. With this technology, Faststream smart steel solutions established a system that would create new, high-quality products in a shorter period of time.


The Virtual Factory also serves as a source for new employees to learn how to operate facilities, minimizing the chance for errors.



  • Prioritizing Employee Safety


Last, but definitely not least, Faststream’s Smart Factory model incorporates managing employee safety in smarter ways. Sensors are installed in the workplace to pick up on any harmful stray gases, noises, and temperatures, and notify operators of threats. They also look out for people working on-site, monitoring, and alerting employees in situations where they might be close to hazardous objects.


Wearables have been used for safety purposes in the past in Faststream projects, and with the addition of Smart Bands, workers working in harmful environments will be able to better prevent injuries. Data from the band is sent to a control center for immediate action in case of trouble.



Interpretation of the Digitalisation / Our Industry 4.0 Solutions for the Steel Industry


  • Single plant as Cyber-Physical Production System (CPPS, vertical integration)
  • 100% traceability of intermediate and final products
  • Intelligent“ product with knowledge of its own quality and production history (one aspect of end-to-end engineering)
  • Intensive networking and communication of all plants ( horizontal integration inside
  • company
  • Intensive communication along the complete supply chain ( horizontal integration outside the company
  • Suitable handling and usage of all data
  • Decentral instead of central solutions/self-organization