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IoT in Pharmaceutical Industry in Pharma 4.0 has been called a new industrial revolution as its implementation will more likely resemble an evolution in which digitization and automation meet a very complex product portfolio with long life cycles.



We at Faststream Technologies achieve a common understanding of readiness and maturity, starting with enablers and components defined in the International Conference on Harmonization(ICH) Q10.The Pharmaceutical Quality System along the product life cycle. We have developed business cases to showcase industry 4.0 automation and digitalization technologies that can be applied to IoT Pharma and the implications we are facing due to the current regulatory challenges we have in the smart IoT Pharma industry.



Digitization, an important component of Faststream, will connect everything, creating new levels of transparency and speed for a digitalized plant floor. This will enable faster decision-making, and provide in-line and in-time control over the business, operations, and quality. It will also require higher levels of security since connected systems heighten vulnerability.



  • Dynamic production reporting
  • User Administration
  • Scada Reporting
  • Batch Control
  • Multi-Touch
  • Communication Drivers
  • Network
  • Recipe Group Management
  • High Graphical usability

IoT based smart equipment for Pharmaceutical Industry
IoT based smart equipment for Pharmaceutical Industry

Perks of our Solutions of IoT in the Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Smart equipment
  • Flexible production equipment
  • Plug-and-play connectivity
  • More sophisticated production equipment
  • Data gathering, analysis, and distribution
  • Coordinated, not Isolated

Innovation technology – upfront & visible.


Getting the data and controlling the process under its command, is only one side of the coin. Integrating with Manufacturing Execution & Business Systems through efficient interfaces continues the ergonomic nature of Faststream.

  • Native SAP interface
  • Database access and archives, SQL
  • OPC standard connection to MES

Command & Control with ERP & MES interfaces 


  •  Direct link to process
  • Generate KPIs
  • Batch Control, Recipe Management
  • Scheduling

Integrate production and critical process information into the business layer. 


  • Abstract the automation layers through intelligent functionality
  • Report on processes in real-time
  • Historian
  • Capture your process activity through production, batch, regulatory compliance, and quality reports
  • Optimization, OEE, Operational excellence
  •  Dashboards in HTML5
  • Tablet, smartphone, mobile devices


Ergonomics drives performance




  • Communication drivers allow integration to many different systems without the need for any changes or additions to the 3rd party system.
  • Vertical integration to higher-level systems bridges controls structures into senior operations and business IT, e.g. through a native SAP interface.




  • Compliance with international regulations such as the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 with electronic records and signatures.
  • Full documentation and versioning of Batch recipes and RGM (Recipe Group Manager) recipes.
  • Full production documentation, recording events, critical process values, RBE, and regulatory compliance.




Parameterization brings flexible integral functionality to life in a regulated GMP environment, making validation as efficient as possible. 


  •  Reduce design and development time
  • Increase quality
  •  Reduce novelty, complexity, and risk


Project history, project comparison, and automated documentation highlight the changes, risks, and quality implications of project evolution and development.




Linking business and production with live, real-time, and accurate results, benefits decision-making with accurate data. Closed-loop application of initiatives that enhance quality, performance, and energy efficiency.




Create individual and ergonomic production control environments, in the local language and measurement units. Through transparency, the operator can view machine status and alarms across the production line or facility, without the need to visit each machine.


Intuitive interfaces provide intelligent user interaction and optimized presentation of processes. The use of Multi-Touch applications will increase usability and operating safety.




Cross-system dashboards and reporting visualize your enterprise, enabling you to see optimization potential.


Lift machines into processes, with process-wide analysis, audit trail, and alarm management. Analyze, compare and report across all systems. Focus the data on individual needs, and get information in real-time. Implement ISO 50001 compliance to reduce energy consumption.