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Optimize parking space usage, improve the efficiency of parking operations, and help traffic flow more freely with our Smart Parking solutions. Our Smart Parking Solutions provides personalized parking reservations, parking guides, and online payments.

We offer different types of Smart Parking solutions – ZigBee Sensor-based, Ultrasonic sensor-based, and Wi-Fi camera-based catering. Our Car Parking Occupancy Detection and Management solution uses field mounted Wi-Fi-based camera and is a robust, reliable, and cost-effective end-to-end solution. The solution comprises Wi-Fi-based outdoor HD cameras, Wi-Fi routers, and Wi-Fi range extenders to provide Wi-Fi coverage and high-end server infrastructure.





Deployment Architecture:

Small sensors are mounted on the road surface with mechanical impact protection. Sensors send real-time data to the cloud using LoRa. The sensor model has been optimized for low-power operation, so extended battery life. Some sensors can communicate with the nearby Zigbee gateway and send data to the cloud. Using REST API parking availability data is shown to users in a mobile app using Google Maps.


Our Solution Benefits in Smart Parking:

Our services provide real-time visibility into parking facilities and also help manage them remotely – from any device – with mobile tools for operators. Businesses can analyze and optimize parking operations to minimize costly downtime. It also facilitates setting up alerts and acting immediately. Using customer data businesses can create new business models and parking services.


Our solution offers the following benefits:
  • Fast retrieval time
  • Easy to relocate Systems can easily be moved.
  • Highly scalable: Add new parking when needed.
  • Powerful software makes the system easy to use.
  • Significant savings
  • Long-lasting system
  • Fast and simple setup