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Smart Governance involves digital technologies with innovative practices to improve government service delivery and citizen inclusion in developing and implementing public policy.  Used effectively, smart governance practices enable responsive, transparent, and inclusive policy decisions.

Our Smart City solutions for eGovernance


  • Citizen Portal
  • Single Window Citizen Service Desk
  • State Residential Data Hub
  • Service Desk Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Single Access for all Government Applications
  • Billing Management
  • e-Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Facility Management
  • Election Information
  • Encroachment Management
  • Job Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Road Sweeping Monitoring
  • Parking Meter Monitoring
  • Road Monitoring
  • City Performance Dashboard

Our Smart Utilities Solution


Our offering involves modular and flexible solutions for Smart Utilities’ requirements. Our proposal for Smart Utilities is based on our own experience analyzing the nature and scope of each project and adapting each solution to meet the complex requirements. We offer solutions that range from managed connectivity to end-to-end solutions, covering the different scopes that can be found in Smart Utility projects.


EV Charging System


Development of electronic design and firmware for electric vehicle charging stations.


Wireless Water Meter


Design and development of an application for the collection, and transfer of utility metering data. The hardware design consists of RF, baseband controller, utility sensor, and power supply.


Smart Metering


Device-independent solutions and services accelerate adoption and payback.


Distribution and Management


Optimize essential processes under continually changing conditions of demand and supply.


Smart Grid


Taking advantage of control in the low-voltage network for new business models.