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Lighting the path to a sustainable future

The effective path to a smart city future lies under the cost-saving rays of light from a smart, inter-connected street lighting solution. It’s the right choice for cities looking to adopt a cutting technology that can be automated, senses pedestrian/motorist presence and is highly-customizable to different situations. Faststream’s Smart Streetlighting provides the right help to efficiently manage and maintain the entire lighting of a city – making it almost too easy.


Why Smart Streetlight?


  •         Energy savings
  •         Supports streamlining
  •         Environmental benefits
  •         Cost saving
  •         Increases lighting service quality



  • Provide fully automatic  and Integrated Lighting Systems
  • Provide eco-friendly lighting with ease of maintenance
  • Provide Energy efficient Lighting systems


Smart Street Lighting solution features:


  • Maintenance Scheduling: Instant fault notification with location ID, helps reduce maintenance time and also schedule and plan maintenance.  Malfunctions are reported in real time and automatic processes inform the maintenance teams about the ongoing problems.


  • Autonomous ON / OFF:  Our services provide continuous monitoring and control street lighting operation using smart scheduling algorithms based on astrological calendar, light level sensors or motion.


  • Grid Awareness, Optimization, and Reporting: Detailed map view for all the street lighting fixtures and lighting panels, with full information and electrical diagnostics is provided. The system monitors a vast array of electrical parameters.


  • Smart City Platform Integrations:  Apart from managing sensors and IoT devices, the Software allows Swift API integrations with most major smart city management platforms.


  • Fast and Cost Effective Installations:  Faststream Smart Street Light Controllers seamless integrates into existing Light infrastructure or alternately  can be into new luminaries. The installation & commissioning of Faststream Smart Streetlight is essentially plug-and-play and effortless.


  • Communication Technology Agnostic: Various communication technologies are used for controlling each street light pole, such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE-Cat-M1, and PLC.