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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions allows seamless integration across the various department, intra-department, and individual levels and also provides transparency, improved forecasting & visibility to make correct business decisions and helps organizations to achieve quality benchmarks through ERP software Solutions. It empowers people to be more productive and enables your systems to adapt as they grow while delivering the insight you. Need to respond quickly in an ever-changing world.


Our right kinds of integrated solutions not only help the organization to expand its operations but also take it to a whole new level. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions that are integrated into one single software optimized sales channel, help to expand operations. An integrated ERP Services manages all your sales, purchase,  accounting, deliveries, shipping, invoicing, warehouse management, payments, returns, refund, and more overall your needs are fulfilled in one single software.


Thus, the system is the capability to connect all the main key activities and information. A particular organization, like inventory, manufacturing, finance, and HR areas, into one environment. So that the improvement of each major function can be intently reviewed and correctly tracked.

Our ERP solution ProcessFlow Approach


Our roadmaps evolve throughout the implementation lifecycle and encompass the entire deployment and not merely one ERP module at a time.


Our company is not solely dedicated to deploying ERP software. We support the entire IT enterprise. We engineer ERP Services for the enterprise.


ERP Implementation solution takes a wider view than most traditional ERP solutions. We know that addressing critical issues as an afterthought adds risk.


Integrating all the functions and systems running in all the locations. The software must be responsive modular, flexible, easy to add functionalities.

ERP Solution Challenge Controls at Faststream Technologies


Scope: The larger enterprise, the larger challenge for ERP deployment. ERP solutions do not scale well, especially in situations. Where an organization has a certain amount of diversification built in even within the ERP product stack.


Process: Reconciliation of old and new processes should be taken into account for any ERP solution. Customizations must occur in order to support mission-critical business processes.


Data: Other data architecture must be added to ERP systems to gain more sophisticated analytic capabilities for integrated data management as a promise of ERP largely is the promise of integrated data management.


Legacy Systems: It is run by the enterprise before ERP systems are deployed. Often times there are dozens of hundreds of them. Typically, these must map over to a dozen or fewer ERP modules or packages.


ERP Solution builds for our clients


We help effectively implement the ERP as per the company’s operational or functional requirements.

  • Small businesses ERP software.
  • Construction ERP software.
  • Retail ERP software.
  • Automobile ERP software.
  • Manufacturing Company ERP Software.


Improve Efficiency: The UI makes it easy for users to quickly find the required information that is most relevant to them.


Keep Connected: ERP Solutions let the users communicate and work by easily accessing instant messaging, emails, etc. across a variety of devices.


Adapt Business: Develop and integrate a wide spectrum of targeted solutions with dynamics. ERP systems that meet the needs of companies operating in different industries.


Support: Enterprise Resource Planning can accommodate new processes and additional lines of business to meet higher demands, without forfeiting performance or any additional expenditures.


ERP Solutions