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Kitchen is a unique place, called the main hub or the heart of the home or hotel industries. It is the place where one of the basic needs i.e. food is prepared. It is the common centre of social activities of all the family members who share their feelings or emotions. It is equipped with all basic amenities. Smart Kitchen solutions from Faststream is a technologically advanced system that incorporates interactive services. It is a built in system which consists of dangerous items like electric stove, Gas cylinders, Fridge, oil and etc. The reader and tags provide all the necessary information regarding the safety level of all the items in the kitchen. 


But while some technologies merely take an aspect of our lives and make it more convenient, less expensive, or more effortless, others have the power to reshape our lives in fundamental ways. Faststream technology is making possible a new wave of smart kitchen gadgets, from sensors that know when the stove has been left on, to forks that remind us to slow down and savor each bite.

Faststream’s kitchen appliance solutions

HMI solutions for inherent occurrences

power management and motor control with Power saving

Detection of irregularity voice and vision

Smart Refrigerator


A normal quality-drive refrigerator is used for high reliability and robustness, high efficiency, safe and accurate sensing. This entitles the expansion of a refrigerator with least defrost cycles, stable wireless connectivity, and higher user occurrence.

We have advanced an application example including the KE1xF/Z and LPC MCU family that supplies high performance processing and integration, and security devices to secure high-quality wireless connectivity. This entitles the design of an efficient ,reliable, and stable refrigerator.


Smart Oven and Ranges


Ranges and Oven for Smart Kitchen need a more efficient power system, a vigorous and reliable user interface, a powerful motor control optimized for efficiency and low noise, and accurate environment sensing. This will permit you to efficiently manage your oven/range from any place and like cooking once again.

To achieve this, Faststream has developed an application example that integrates the i.MX RT crossover MCU family with easy to use development tools and robust community support to streamline your design process. High-quality security devices also enable a secure wireless connectivity that results in an efficient, high performing, robust, and secure oven/range.


Smart Blender


Faststream Technologies blenders for  residential and commercial purposes which are designed to last and supply the right value for the money. This is required for systemic command of the different functions of the blender including motor control, wireless communication, and sensing.We have expanded two applications together with a low cost and high-performance solution around the KV1x MCU family and QN9x Bluetooth Low Energy SOC that provides low power, design flexibility, and wireless connectivity that entitles the design of a vigorous and structured commercial as well as residential blender.


Smart Inductive Cooking (Stove)


To take full advantage of the benefits of inductive cooking which uses electromagnetic energy to heats pots and pans directly, Faststream Technologies has developed a solution that integrates high performing, reliable, robust, and flexible products including a Kinetis KE MCU with the enablement to streamline your design process. Together, this Faststream solution enables the design of an induction cooktop that is safe, clean, and efficient.


Smart RF Cooking


Faststream Technologies radio frequency solutions for power solid state cooking devices that can defrost, warm, cook or bake any food product. Faststream Technologies is eminent for  transformation from traditional methods of cooking with the use of solid state RF energy in connection with embedded controllers and IoT interfaces, which enables OEM’s and food supply chain companies to create more stylish appliances, delivering higher quality cooking results, and enabling disruptive business models.


Benefits include:


  • Power can be custom-controlled for different foods
  • Provides better, healthier cooked food
  • Avoids moisture and weight loss, resulting in better taste
  • Saves 60% of energy over conventional ovens.


Smart Bread Maker


To achieve a high-quality bread maker providing a powerful and efficient motor driver for mixing, high performance sensing for bread crust color settings, and secure wireless connectivity to monitor the progress of your bread Faststream Technologies has developed an application example around the i.MX RT MPU family that provides efficient processing, design flexibility, and wireless connectivity that enables the design of an efficient, powerful, and reliable bread maker .


Smart Rice Cooker


A high-quality rice cooker must enable you to monitor cooking temperature, pressure, and cooking time. Also, it should reliably process cooking data and communicate efficiently with a smart device or appliance while accurately sensing an open/close lid position and process user inputs.

To achieve this, We have developed an application around the i.MX RT MPU family that provides efficient processing, design flexibility, and wireless connectivity that enables the design of an efficient and reliable rice cooker.


Smart Coffee Machine


To attain a high quality coffee machine which requires to supply secure and efficiency with reliable processing and analog products, Faststream has developed an application example around the i.MX MPU family that provides low power, design flexibility, and wireless connectivity that enables the design of an efficient, reliable, safe, and connected coffee machine.Also, robust HMI, accurate sensing for lid close detection, temperature, liquid level, and proximity along with a wireless connectivity solution to enable communication with other kitchen appliances.