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Many of us bring our smartphones into the bathroom with us for our morning routines. We might shave or do our makeup while browsing social media or use our devices to play music during our daily showers. All of this is about to change, with our Smart Bathroom Solutions of the future.



Instead of bringing the phone into the bathroom with you, which could spread dirt and germs throughout other parts of the home or building, Faststream Technologies has designed solutions with devices like Bluetooth speakers, smart showers, connected dispensers, occupancy trackers, and much more than your consumers can rely on. The growing popularity and widespread accessibility of our technological solutions are also driving consumer costs down, which also makes these innovations more affordable than ever before

Faststream’s Bathroom appliance solutions

HMI solutions for inherent occurrences

power management and motor control with Power saving

Detection of irregularity voice and vision

smart shower, Smart Bathroom Solutions

IoT based Smart Shower (SS):


Our Smart shower saves up to 50% of the water from an average shower using 17 gallons.

IoT-powered SS with a sleek and modern design based on our IoT Platform tracks usage and trends with advanced sensor systems automatically adjusting water flow customized by the user through their smartphone via Smart Shower App.

  • Our Smart shower app allows users to set the maximum temperature to make showering safer for the family, as well as setting the shower duration if they are watching their water usage.

  • Available in both single and dual outlet options, for both high pressure and pumped systems, there is a configuration to suit every water system and style preference.
  • However, if you are looking for ultimate luxury, then look no further than our S-Mode(smart-mode) with Bathfill. Using the S-Mode all, create up to 10 bath fill presets where you can program your desired depth and temperature for the perfect bathing experience. Simple and safe, the app makes worrying about children’s bath time a thing of the past.


Our device tracks usage and trends while providing the following smart moves to shower smarter by Smart Bathroom Solutions:


  • Smart Temp Setter – The heating will automatically turn off when your desired temperature is reached.
  • Smart H20 Adjuster – Shower smartly as you want by customizing when to decrease the water flow.
  • Smart Timers – Reviving shower experience by setting timer alerts.
  • Smart H20 Tracker – Smarter Visibility of water usage! Track how much water you’re saving daily.
  • B-Smart– Easy to connect with one-time Bluetooth pairing.

smart vapors, Smart Bathroom Solutions

IoT based smart Vapour


  • The future of water heating is here. iSmart Vapour is an IoT-enabled geyser based on our IoT Platform with an advanced energy consumption notification. Set the temperature of iSmart Vapor from anywhere in the world. Not just this, get an automatic temperature alert through an advanced temperature alert system.
  • Access iSmart Vapor from a smartphone, tablet, or PC to check consumption and cost, set schedules, and energy cost. Enjoy lower rates, lower maintenance costs, and the peace of mind of having alarms in case of tank leaks/shot circuits or other hazardous situations.

  • Offer Demand Response programs based on frequency, consumption, and usage rates. The IoT gateway controller can provide total insight into the water tank parameters including the state of the heater, instantaneous demand, voltage, current, frequency, etc.
  • Choose your connectivity, either through the premise’s broadband or with a dedicated cellular connection. The solution offers enough flexibility whether managing a home, set of apartments, rural setting, or large campuses.


Our Salient Features:

  • Intelligent Scheduler which allows you to Switch on/off & set the temperature of your geyser from anywhere
  • Automatic Dry-Heating Detection & Cut-off System
  • Multi-Control Option – Now control your Geyser through Touch, IR Remote, Mobile App
  • A water heater that self-diagnoses the problem and allows you to register a service complaint on a single touch
  • Automatic Temperature Alert – Connect the water heater to the app and get an automatic temperature alert on your smartphone
  • Energy Consumption Information – Get automatic energy consumption information through the mobile app

soaking tube, Smart Bathroom Solutions

Soaking Tubs


An invigorating shower has its place, but how about when you fancy a long soak in the tub? With Faststream Technologies soaking tubs, you can make bath time more decadent than ever before…

You could get things started with a bath to bring the spa home to you. Light some scented candles automatically, fire up some music from your smart speaker and ease back into those bubbles. Our Air baths are a nice twist on the jacuzzi with channels of air pumping in to replicate the experience of bathing in a hot spring.

Intelligent toilets, Smart Bathroom Solutions

Intelligent Toilets


Our Smart toilets have temperature-controlled water to prevent that sharp intake of breath as you’re blasted with an icy cold jet and automatic dryers kick in so you’re ready to leap up and head back out into your smart home refreshed after a hands-free experience.


Our special Seat warmers make that fear of lowering yourself onto a ring of ice a thing of the past. And, if you’re obsessive about germs and hygiene, our self-cleaning toilets will bring a smile to your face.

There are two parts involved in our system. They are:


  • Automatic Flusher Part (AFP)
  • Server part


The AFP detects if there is an object in front of its infrared sensor. When a user sits on the seat of the urinal, an infrared sensor can detect the user. If the user keeps staying in front of the sensor for 3 seconds continuously, it is considered that a user is currently using it then a flusher detects and pours a jet of warm water. After the urinal has been flushed, the AFP unit also sends an MQTT message about its user data to our server part. In the server part, we receive the usage data from the AFP unit. The usage data will be stored in a database for future use.

Intelligent Fausets

Intelligent Faucets


Digital faucets from Faststream carry the twin advantage of making your bathroom routine more convenient while also helping you conserve water so you can save money while doing your part for the environment at the same time.

With the reduced flow and automatic temperature control, our faucets use less water and require less power to heat it up while also saving yourself from fiddling around.

If you want to teach your kids about conserving water when, for example, they’re brushing their teeth, our programmable timers feature can help them achieve this while also encouraging them to spend enough time brushing those pearly whites.



A rapid change of delivery and more rigid, developing conditions don’t need to lag your operations. With Faststream Technologies’s Smart Restroom solution, we’ll provide you everything you need to digitize your bathroom and toilet operations and get the most out of your cleaning supplies, staff, and customer satisfaction.