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The top priority for organizations of all sizes in nearly every business segment and vertical. Business Intelligence Solutions is never a time in which collaboration, innovation, agility, and govern access to relevant data and information is impacting the outcome of business success in a more significant way. Using Business Intelligence and Analytics, Faststream technology provides our client’s management and executive teams with strategic, tactical, and operational data insights. We add value to our clients by delivering best-in-class business analytics, forecasting or governance solutions, and critical business metrics.


Continuous performance measurement and reporting from a process point of view with the ability to drill down into individual case levels instead of representing the performance only from the organizational or functional point of view on a summary level. From sourcing to introducing your most sought-after data, we help open the way to an abundance of insights on business development, customer experience, performance efficiency, and many more. Our solutions speak with different integrated data sources to gain value from all the information.

capabilities of ourBusiness intelligence platform

Business Intelligence Platform

  • Implement a flexible business intelligence platform that increases responsiveness, reduces IT costs and workload, improves performance and drives better decision-making across the organization’s BI platform.

Dashboard and Applications

  • Drive better performance with high-impact dashboards and business intelligence applications.
  • Promote business intelligence adoption across your organization with compelling, insightful data dashboards and applications that make your numbers easy to understand at a glance.


  • Combine data from multiple sources.
  • Visualize data and analyze trends.
  • Share infographics and data stores.
  • Deliver critical information on mobile devices.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Share actionable insights with enhanced business intelligence reporting.
  • Create a better reporting system to guide your overall business intelligence strategy and deliver meaningful insights that provide real value to your employees, customers, and partners.

Scope of Our Business Intelligence Solutions & Services


Our BI solutions cover both deliveries of custom solutions and tailoring of packaged products based on the exact need of the customers. We develop stand-alone tools, also add BI features to the web and mobile applications, including those in the cloud.


  • Kickoff solutions and project road mapping.
  • Software development.
  • Integration with enterprise systems.
  • QA and Testing.
Business Intelligence facilities for your business decisions 


  • Actualizing business insight out of the blue or broadening a current framework.
  • Incorporate your business insight arrangement with your current data security and web infrastructure.
  • Sending your system on your premises or with a put stock in facilitating supplier.
  • Consolidating your project objectives and goals to make a system architecture and project intend to convey effectively.

Our Business Intelligence Service Offerings

Managed Services

  • Managed services for data to decision lifecycle.
  • A dedicated team with expert SME Backing.
  • Adhoc queries, Exploratory analysis, Dashboards, Data Modeling,  Visualizations, Reconciliation, and MIS Reporting.

Architecture Services

  • Business process and business systems architecture.
  • Systemic view: process, systems, applications, and data.
  • Enterprise data architecture (DW/BI/analytical data foundation).
  • Enterprise common information architecture framework.

Business ExcellenceServices

  • Capturing dimensions of business performance.
  • Translating business goals and priorities to KPIs and metrics.
  • Enable and exception-based management framework.
  • Iterative, Incremental approach with DMAIC framework.

Assessment and Audit

  • Current state assessment and future state recommendations.
  • Technologies and systems assessment.
  • Information maturity model assessment.
  • Data and information lifecycle audit.
  • Information excellence maturity audit.