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IT Managed Services

Faststream Technologies Managed IT services provide affordable proactive IT management and support to growing businesses. Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, we provide a range of proactive services to keep your computer systems up and running for your people and business productive. Our offering incorporates access to our teams’ knowledge of the latest technologies including Virtualization, Server Infrastructure, Data Management, Operating Systems, business applications, Mobility, Security, Unified Communications, and cloud solutions. IT Managed Services from our Faststream provide Datacenter/Network Administrative services, Cloud Managed Services, Managed Security Services, Applications Managed services, Enterprise System Management, and User End Computing services.

The approach of our Managed service model

Phase 1: Kick-off


  • Engagement definition
  • Identify critical functions Transition
  • Initial SLAs
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Project management
  • Risk mitigation plans
  • Client engagement model


Phase 2: Transition


  • Knowledge transfer
  • Implement processes Execution
  • Capturing metrics
  • Kickoff validation
  • Implement reports & SLAs


Phase 3: Execution


  • Execute to SLAs Continue to support and Roll-off
  • Dashboard reporting maintain current operations
  • Continuous improvement Optional
  • Client status meetings
  • Steering committee
  • Renewal
  • ROI and TCO new projects


Phase 4: Roll-Off


  • Renewal
  • Retirement
  • Rewrite


Our IT Managed Services Landscapes


The following services are included in our IT Managed Services model


  • HQs Data Centre could be a candidate to move to a shared services location
  • Desktop Services, including hardware support and standard applications support
  • Information Communication Technology infrastructure
  • Network Monitoring and Management, in conjunction with the other infrastructure, managed services or independently
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Suite ERP from Oracle (Financials & Supply Chain, Human Resources and Global Payroll, EPM (Planning and Budgeting) and Enterprise Portal)
  • PC & Web applications, including progress v3 (Refugee Registration system) – mostly based on Microsoft .Net technologies
  • Intranet Web Content Management System – based on Adobe Communique.
  • Live Link Electronic Document Management System from Open Text
  • Videoconferencing and teleconferencing facilities support services at Headquarters.
  • Corporate Instant Messaging and Social Collaboration

Fortunately, we can be a little more specific. Having worked with a large number of systems integrators, Value Added Resellers and IT, service providers, through the business transformation process, N-able has identified seven key obstacles that stand in the way of true managed services:


  • An absence of demand-generation sales activities
  • Insufficient C-level commitment
  • Lack of targeted marketing
  • Lack of a standardized remote monitoring and management toolset
  • Poor value illustration to the customer
  • Failure to adopt or properly implement best practices
  • Lack of service automation and management software and processes

Our IT Managed Services offering also supports the following attributes

Production Support


  • Engagement Processes
  • SLA Management
  • Onshore / Offshore Delivery Model
  • Software / Hardware Licensing
  • Resource Management

Online Service Desk 


  • Help Desk
  • Ticket management through client/vendor resources
  • Processes on Defects,
  • Enhancements and Projects

Infrastructure Management


  • Infrastructure Support (Servers, Voice, Data, Printing)
  • Manage environments hosted onsite or in the cloud
  • Onsite and remote support options

Application Management


  • Application Inventory and Ownership
  • Business Process and Application Knowledge Transfer and Retention
  • Application Currency

Shared Services


  • Shared services support for HR, Procurement and Finance
  • Staffing and Recruiting Services
  • Account Payable and Receivable, Credit Management,
  • Travel Management