We offer development of Board Support Packages for operating systems over various microcontrollers and microprocessors. We have worked extensively on configuring the BSP to support operating systems features, file systems, and memory types. We provide optimization and development services for boot loaders, file systems and device drivers as well as Board Bring up and RTOS Porting Services. We have good know how in porting, optimization, and customization of boot loaders and file systems like FAT16, FAT32, JFFS2, YAFFS.



We have extensive knowledge in designing, implementing and debugging BSPs. Our firmware knowledge along with our reference BSPs enable us to port an OS on a board to estimate its potential and to lessen the time period to develop an OS based device.
We have worked in embedded OS platforms like Windows Embedded suite, Windows Mobile, and embedded Linux. We also have knowledge of processor architecture of PPC, NIOS, ARM, ColdFire, and x86 which has enabled us to master technical skills in developing bootloaders that helps in fast download of new OS images during development phase. Also, it has helped us to develop the architecture code that allows the communication between the OS kernel and device. It also includes creating device drivers to support peripherals on-board device interfaces such as touch screen, keyboard, audio to function suitably between devices.




Android, Linux, WinCE, uCLinux as well as RTOS like QNX, uCOS, FreeRTOS etc are the embedded OS our team has been working on.




We are skilled in technologies like SMP, AMP, ARM Hypervisors and Virtualization.