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The number of embedded system taking the market with multimedia features is on the rise. We have accumulated immense know how in the field of content enablement platforms across video, audio, graphics, text etc. by the use of software and integration of devices which can take input as raw content to process the data. We have knowledge in Multi-Core, Multi-DSP transcoder for Video Applications.

Apart from embedded platforms, our expertise consists of

• File containers: 3GPP, MP4, AVI, AFS, MKV, MPEG
• Protocol Stacks: SIP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, SRTP, HLS, UPnP, RDP, DRM
• Android Media Frame work – StageFright, AudioFlinger etc
• OpenMax Plugins – Development layer (DL), Integration layer (IL) and Application layer (AL)
• Streaming Technologies like RTP,RTCP, DASH etc
• Codecs – H264, MPEG 1/2/4, Google VP8, VP9, Theora etc
• Audio Codecs – AAC, WMA, MIDI, MP3, Vorbis etc

Multimedia on embedded systems