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Apple’s Mac OS and its the latest version Mac OS X is the default operating system for the Macintosh series of computing systems. Apple provides Cocoa Frameworks, which consists of libraries, API, and runtimes, that can be used by developers to write applications that run on Mac OS/ OS X distributions. Having worked in Mac OS device driver and application development in the various incarnation of MAC OS X including Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, and El Capitan, FaststreamTech can support you in Mac OS development including applications, device drivers, etc.





With extensive experience in developing a wide array of MAC applications, we have proficiency in developing next-generation MAC applications. We offer a comprehensive suite of application development services comprising custom business apps, social media, and web applications. From the design and development of Mac OS Services to Apple OS versions, both workstations and servers, to System-level and User-Interface Applications, we provide solutions for all Mac development requirements. We have experience in working with the following technologies.


  • Objective C, C, C++, Java, Python
  • Perl, AppleScript, JavaScript, PostScript etc.
  • Carbon, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch developments
  • Xcode, Interface builder, Codewarrior, OpenGL developments, etc.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Lite databases etc.
  • Networking protocols like TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, SSL, etc.
  • Preference Panes
  • Package Maker
  • AppleTalk, QuickTime, etc.




We have executed a wide range of projects and enabled devices across various operating systems. Our Mac OS X Driver Development services comprise the complete ecosystem needed like the Preference Panes, Agent applications, etc that facilitates a simplified workflow for the device management. We are well versed with Objective C, C++, Swift, Cocoa, and XCode technologies and also have created Mac OS drivers from the Linux and Windows drivers.


With experience in Apple Mac OS X Driver development and related technologies, we have done developments including.


  • Network extension drivers
  • IO Kit Drivers
  • Virtual device drivers and virtual display drivers
  • Userspace drivers
  • Module hiding – process and kernel
  • Syscall hooks


With a goal to deliver drivers of the highest standards, we can support you with the development of drivers for different classes of devices.


  • USB Serial Port, CDC, Mass Storage Class, and Custom Class Drivers
  • User Space USB Drivers
  • Firewire drivers
  • SCSI Drivers
  • Process monitoring drivers
  • File system filter drivers
  • Printer drivers
  • Web Camera devices
  • Kernel Space PCI/PCIe devices
  • Audio Devices