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Application and UX development

Faststream Technologies have developed unique and user-centric embedded device applications, mobile apps, web applications, and PC-based applications. With our application development services, we have assisted enterprises to migrate from one code base to another. The aim of FaststreamTech’s Application and UX development principles is to turn customers into loyal customers by providing a positive experience to them.

Application and UX Development



We have experience in the development of GUI’s for various embedded systems. This has helped us in using various open-source libraries like NanoX, QT, FLTK, and various scripting languages for developing GUIs for embedded systems. We have developed applications in operating systems like Android, VxWorks, QNX, WinCE, and Embedded Linux, etc.



User Experience (UX) of mobile and web interface determines how one interacts with customers and it leaves a long-lasting impact and delivers them higher values. User experience can be attributed to web designs that create user-computer interactions, hence UX development helps in determining productivity. We incorporate the best practices of user experience designs that comprise development activities at all phases of the lifecycle of application development. We consider that front-end development strategy and UX need to factor in business purpose, branding and customer needs to support the product purpose. We offer custom build components that are responsive and device-friendly. We build quick prototyping using wireframing and adobe tools. We also create CSS-driven responsive screens.



Our services help in transformation across diverse design architectures, technologies, and design approaches to increase system applicability. We have deep knowledge in dealing with cross-platform compatibility issues that surface during porting. With experience on various legacy platforms, we abide by a proven and tested methodology for porting and migration. With the skills to develop fully integrated solutions, our potential to maximize the utility of reusable components helps in a faster porting and migration process.



We offer a wide range of mobile application development services for Windows phones, Android phones, Apple iPhone, iPad. From the very beginning, we utilize the latest tools, SDKs, and frameworks to make sure our mobile app development services cater to iPad, iPhone, and Android. We understand the needs of different businesses and are able to build high-class, top-notch applications using Java, PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, AS3, Swift, Ruby on Rails, etc. With Faststream Technologies, you provide your customers with productive and easy-to-use mobile solutions.



We have developed apps for PCs on platforms such as Microsoft, .NET, Java, etc. We have built PC-based software systems using Microsoft and Oracle databases, web services. We have integrated application components using protocols such as object-relational mappings, TCP/IP, serial and direct SQL queries, etc. We also have the know-how of developing cross-platform applications and integrating real-time and traditional systems. Integration with embedded devices and network components is our expertise. We have created Eclipse plug-ins for embedded IDEs. We have worked in environments such as Windows, Linux, Scalable Script Applications, Mac OS X, Java applications, Eclipse – Plug-in development, etc.



With the advancement in technology and changing programming landscape, we constantly upgrade to the newest patterns in the development circle. Our web application development services provide enterprises a seamless experience through the best web application development technologies and design principles. The development process cycle takes the scalability and reliability of our web solutions to the next level. The web application developed by us enhances your online presence and gives you an opportunity to focus on your core business process. We are well versed in working in Client-Side technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Server side technologies like PHP, Perl, ASP.NET, Zend Framework, Ruby on Rails, and Python Databases like MySQL, Oracle Database, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.

Application Development Services