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System Level Design Approach

ASIC and System-on-Chip design are extremely challenging in the present electronics products marketplace. Companies that can convey the Electronic System Level Design with the best features, advanced costs, size, and power utilization have a distinct competitive advantage. We give customers the power and strategies that empower fast design done right the first time. Semiconductor technology is the fuel that powers electronic product development. As new and smaller semiconductor technology hubs come online, companies that can take advantage of them the soonest win. As chips become larger and more complex, companies battle with the capacity to keep up a large enough design team with the right industry and design experience. Faststream Technologies is always best for customer satisfaction in Electronic System Level Design and Methodology.

Our entire offering incorporates:


  • Concept & Feasibility studies
  • System specifications
  • Cost estimation and evaluation
  • Architecture and interface definition
  • IP selection, including Third Party IP
  • Implementation in VHDL or Verilog
  • Top-Level and Functional Verification
  • Synthesis
  • FPGA mapping and validation
  • Place and Route
  • Layout
  • GDSII qualification
  • Foundry or FPGA selection
  • Chip delivery and logistics


System-Level Design Advantage:


  • Proposed Altera affirmed design center
  • In-house IP Core improvement, board design, product assembly, and software design for the complete concept to product solutions
  • Expertise in hardware & software work partitioning for optimum performance and cost
  • Involvement in low, medium, and high complexity designs
  • Well established and proven design methodologies & review processes
  • In-depth project management skills for cost reductions and timely delivery
  • Long-term support contract for product maintenance and enhancements


What can our electronic design experts assist you with?


We can take your design from concept to specification writing and after that on to high-level FPGA/ASIC, development and integration, and additionally confirmation and documentation. Our electronic design engineers meet the most stringent prerequisites for FPGA advancement utilizing systematic ASIC design methodologies for both project and team management. Much of the time, a senior engineer will architect the design, write the specifications for the FPGA implementation, and manage the overall project. In parallel, an FPGA/ASIC verification specialist will design a test bench to confirm the system to be executed. Once the architecture of the system and verification environment are documented, both RTL and testbench development are then performed using additional resources.


In general, this means that a minimum of three or more designers work together on each FPGA improvement or ASIC design project that we deliver. The organized design approach utilized at Faststream ensures that there is a high probability of eliminating design errors, thus ensuring a high level of quality and efficiency resulting ultimately in a faster time-to-market for your product. Communication between our team members and our client is transparent at all times throughout the design process. We plan to work cooperatively with our clients and operate as a natural extension to your in-house design engineering department.