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Smart WiFi Doorbell

Security is no laughing matter. Or even an invisible matter at that. A visitor you can’t see or hear might be a security risk when you decide to unlock your door. Forget peepholes, with Faststream’s Smart WiFi Doorbell, we bring the capability of two-way voice correspondence, video conference, and remote entryway authorization. Allowing you to better communicate with a visitor. Couple that with our facial recognition software, which will be continuously updated with the latest alerts sent by local authorities of wanted criminals.


The solution has the capability to serve multi-unit flat/apartment buildings with each unit given the authority to provide access to their visitors.




You can watch, hear, and address the individual at your entryway and open the entryway with your advanced mobile phone or with your indoor screen, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. The application (Control cam2) is accessible for IOS and Android cell phones and tablets.

With Wi-Fi/3G/4G association, radio and entryway discharge all remotely controlled by your advanced mobile phone or tablet regardless of what your area is, even you are far from home

Smart doorbells interface with your home’s web and are available by means of your cell phone. Most smart doorbells do double-duty as a security camera: They consist of a small camera that captures motion on the front foyer/entrance and records anyone who rings the bell.

 You can utilize your cell phone to remotely see any action recorded by the smart doorbell, regardless of where you are.




  • Remote calling, intercom, unlocking, monitoring by Android or iOS smartphones or tablets from anywhere around the world.
  •  Maximum 8 outdoor stations
  • Working with smartphones or indoor monitors
  •  Support monitoring, unlocking, talking at any time or from anywhere
  • Photo capture & video by mobile phone
  •  Support IOS/Android system mobile phone and tablet
  • Support wired/WIFI network
  •  Support P2P and unlimited mobile phones or tablets.
  •  One RJ45 cable connection between outdoor station and skyboxes or indoor monitors.
  • Full-featured and Accessible Dual-stream H.264 camera.
  •  Access codes and key fobs features




  • Camera sensor 1/4 inch pinhole CMOS camera
  • The view angle of 110°
  •  Definition HD 720P
  •  LEDs for night IR LEDs
  •  Installation Surface /flush mount
  •  Aluminum alloy panel, Anti-vandal
  •  Waterproof, waterproof rating IP55
  •  Outdoor station dimension 14” x 5” x 2”
  •   Net weight 10 lb
  •  Working temperature -25°C~65°C


Highlights include:


  •  Accepting alarms on your cell phone each time, your Smart doorbell is rung and each time its camera distinguishes movement. Accessible in wired and remote structures.


  •  Wired doorbells are designed into your telephones Ethernet, though remote models tap into your home’s Wi-Fi. Typically connects to standard junction boxes with a flush mount.


  • Video access history for everything that your smart doorbell recorded, HD video, two-way talk, which enables you to address guests, worked in night vision, live view, and zoom.


Doorbell Features:


Weatherproof doorbell s are ideal for entryways, carports, and indirect accesses, while weatherproof beneficiaries are perfect for outside regions, for example, decks, porches, swimming pools and play regions where you ordinarily wouldn’t hear a doorbell ringing inside the house.


 Doorbells with lighting systems: For people with hearing impairment or people working in noisy areas, there is a flashing light alert whenever there is a visitor at the door, which is available both in wired and wireless versions.


 Pet doorbells – A neckline enacted framework controls your pet’s indoor and outdoor access.


 Lighted buttons: It helps visitors locate the doorbell at night, which also helps you know if your doorbell is functioning. This will help you know the status of wireless systems that operate on batteries.