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Lighting the path to a sustainable future

The effective path to a smart city future lies under the cost-saving rays of light from a smart, inter-connected street lighting solution. It’s the right choice for cities looking to adopt a cutting technology that can be automated, senses pedestrian/motorist presence and is highly-customizable to different situations. Faststream’s Smart Streetlighting provides the right help to efficiently manage and maintain the entire lighting of a city – making it almost too easy.


Why Smart Streetlight?


  • Energy savings
  • Supports streamlining
  • Environmental benefits
  • Cost saving
  • Increases lighting service quality


Key Features:


Monitor and Remote Control


  • Real-time observing of energy utilization and functioning status of streetlights.
  • Light on/off control of a particular group or individual lights.
  • Brightness control – Manual or Automated according to a predetermined timetable.




  • Beyond control, enhanced in-depth grid monitoring is a part of our platform. Faststream offers detailed schematics for all the street lighting types of equipment and lighting panels, with a detailed dashboard and electrical diagnostics.
  • The system monitors a vast array of electrical parameters which include voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active energy, reactive energy, power factor, frequency etc for the complete grid mesh.
  • Detailed analytic reports help understand usage trends to drive the system’s growth and lower operational costs, reduce energy loss, improve lighting policies and increase street lighting’s overall quality.




  • Showcases the area of lights on a map.
  • Depicts the status of the lights (on/off) by the color sign.
  • Full Control of lighting activity.
  • Access detailed Analytics of Lighting Equipments & Panels.




  • Naming the light points
  • Adjusting intensity – Half, On/Off
  • Scheduling and Maintenance


Support streamlining


Saves time for maintenance teams, they receive detailed notifications with any malfunction, including possible defect analysis and required materials.


iOS and Android compatibility enables real-time network status of the lighting mesh.


Environmental Benefits


By diminishing the energy utilization and therefore the discharge of CO2, Faststream Technologies reduces the city’s environmental impact and furthermore helps meeting the ecological standards.


Cost & Energy Saving


Energy costs are promptly decreased by up to 80% (with LED lights) through clever ON/OFF exchanging, directed dynamic darkening and efficient energy management. Generally speaking, operational cost reduces by 42% with the help of detailed maintenance and preventive grid interventions based on system generated reports.


Increases lighting service quality


With the street lighting system up and running at all times, Faststream Technologies serves to eliminate the danger of accidents because of lighting framework breakdown. The majority of the lighting issues are recognized and looked into even before the residents find the opportunity to see them.


Advance IoT Technology and Framework:


To ensure that the framework is adaptable and versatile to any client with explicit undertaking conditions, Faststream Technologies controllers can be utilized for a variety of IoT correspondence innovations: Lon Works, PLC, Lora WAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox. You can use one open communications protocol or combine them in hybrid implementations to meet the project’s needs. This produces phenomenal execution choices, yet additionally permits extremely quick arrangements and commissioning in case of existing public network coverage.


Autonomous lighting


Faststream Technologies ensures a consistent and self-governing road lighting task. The framework offers light lamp-level management and feedback capabilities, reduces the overall grid management effort and increases its performance. You can pick our pre-programmed schedules, plan your very own timetable or physically deal with each road light, as indicated by your requirements. Moreover, if the communication fails for any reason, Faststream Technologies controllers are capable enough to keep the system working autonomously while trying to restore a live connection.