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Faststream Technologies’ Smart Metering solutions will bring much-needed flexibility and live monitoring aspects into a power grid infrastructure. It consists of a secure smart energy ecosystem providing highly efficient, secure wireless connectivity for smart meters and connected energy assets. The Metering solutions offer over-the-air firmware and configuration upgrades, accurate and reliable billing, load profiling, helping in demand forecasting, and protection against any tamper or theft. The platform uses the LoRaMesh Energy Management System to help handle the long-range energy meter remote reading task. In comparison to the traditional bus line communication, the LoRaMesh Configuration provides a simpler, quicker, and cheaper way to monitor and control energy consumption remotely. The system has LoRa Mesh Energy Meter / Modbus Meter, LoRa Gateway, LoRa Converter, LoraMesh Management & LoRa Reaper included in the platform.


Smart Energy Metering solutions Technology consists of several different technical components and features which include:


  1. Accurate measurement and transmission of electricity, gas, water, or heat consumption data.
  2. Provision of  a two-way information gateway and communication infrastructure between the meters and relevant parties and their systems, for:
    • Raising awareness and empowering the consumer through the delivery of actual consumption data
    • Improving Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and services, including automated billing/invoicing based on detailed metering data
    • Managing energy networks/grids better by shifting or reducing energy consumption, e.g.  through Demand Side Management (DSM)
    • Enabling new energy services for improving energy-efficiency
    • Encouraging decentralized, micro-generation of energy, thus transforming the consumer into an energy producer (“Prosumer”)


The platform also boasts of features like:


  • Real-time smart meter monitoring, with the help of advanced and flexible data visualization.
  • Reliable and fault-tolerant data collection for smart water meters, energy monitors, smart energy meters, etc.
  • Handle unexpected situations using alarm widgets.
  • To analyze and share the results, we provide customizable end-user dashboards with complete data analytics.
  • Metering management using API developed by us to control and manage smart meters.

Smart Metering Solutions