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Sensing Devices

 IoT Sensor Node


Our  IoT node is used for security with some form of data encryption. This security is disparaging  for helping the microcontroller perform a secure boot, ensuring that the core is running the code is meant to run. Encryption security is also used to encrypt the data transmitted over the network, ensuring that it is viewed only by those systems authorized to receive the data.





Wireless Ceiling Sensor


Faststream Technologies Wireless Ceiling sensors mounted on the ceiling which are wireless, battery-powered passive infrared (PIR) and  that can  automatically steer lights via RF communication to suit dimming and switching devices. These sensors perceive the heat from people moving within an area to discover when the space is engaged. The sensors then wirelessly transmit the suitable instructions to the partnered dimming and switching devices to turn the lights on or off automatically. They combine both convenience and exceptional energy savings along with ease of installation.







Wireless Sensor Tag


Faststream Technologies Wireless sensor tags connect events in the physical world, e.g. motion, door/window opened/closed, temperature or humidity exceeding limits, to your smart phones, tablets and any Web browsers anywhere in the world with Internet access. An event is instantly received on all devices (unless you configure it not to send to some). through push notification, no messaging charges apply. The wireless sensor tag is a real-time, cloud based system.




Wireless Sensor Node


Faststream Technologies Wireless Sensor Node comprises independent devices with innate sensors for observing diverse environmental and physical states at different places and times. These devices have traditionally been networked with standards like Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, WirelessHART, etc., forming the upper layers. These kinds of Wireless Sensor Nodes have served well the primary requirement of Wireless Sensor Nodes – a long battery life. However, they have their drawbacks – they offer a small range and throughput, they are less secure, they require distinctive infrastructure so that they can be integrated into the existing LAN and they are affected by an already existing WLAN since they use the same frequency band.






Wireless Sensor



The wireless sensor from Faststream Technologies can collect sensory information and perceive changes in local environments.

The Sensors are designed to quantify certain  parameters about their physical surroundings and produce outputs, often electrical signals, for further processing. These parameters include many different types of stimuli, including air temperature, lighting levels, movements, and liquid leakages.





Digital Component Sensor



Faststream Technologies Digital Component Sensors help a wide range of digital sensor products. With the low power and a small footprint, our digital sensors are specifically fitted for wearable and connected devices that collect and share information about health monitoring, fitness, air quality and related applications and can be tested and qualified using different commercial accessible platforms.