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Faststream Technologies has devised a solution for Fuel Dispensing that is cloud-connected and sensor-enabled to meet mobile fuel dispensing needs in segments like industries, plants, and transportation while fuels like diesel and LPG gases are required at the doorstep. Faststream has developed a PTO-operated fuel dispenser machine that is ideal for mobile environments such as dispensing trucks carrying diesel, LPG, petrol, and any other fuel.


Our cloud-connected mobile fuel dispenser machines are designed for OMC (Oil Marketing Companies) to deliver fuel to customer premises, in turn, avoiding commuting to the fuel station. Our dispenser fits with ease and directly on the tank with quick coupling. These are utilizing unrivaled assessment rough material with the help of bleeding-edge development inconsistency with set quality benchmarks. Our mobile fuel dispenser is accessible at industry driving costs and can be operated from anywhere while maintaining high levels of safety and ROI for users.

Tanker Truck Digital Fuel Dispenser with PRESET & Printer

Fuel Dispenser Meter



Dispenser Unit Includes

  • Tank with Box
  • Metering Unit
  • Auto Rewind Hose Reel
  • Auto Cut off Nozzle
  • Filtration unit
  • Safety Fittings
  • Accurate flow meter
  • Intelligent mobile fuel dispensing system

Features of Mobile Fuel Dispenser


Current Reading: 9999.99
Repeatability: 99.9%
Accumulative Reading: 9999999
Metallic Keyboard
Instant Ticket Printer
Dynamic LCD 3-Display Kit
Flow Rate: 20-120 LPM
Electronic Calibration
Weather Proof Enclosure
Open-sale (limitations Low flow valve)
Main-sale (Main Flow valve)
Instant Receipt/Ticket Printer
Power: 24V DC
Level Sensor:

  • Used in all automobiles to indicate fuel level
  • The sensors are linked mechanically to a float moving according to the fuel level.

TILT Sensors: The TILT sensor measures the gravity tilting position.
Temper Proof: Provide for the detection of fuel dispenser tampering.
PRESET: You can refuel with a Preset volume or price. And there’s route, batch buttons on the keyboard. once a button is ready as a worth, it refuels by this worth mechanically once you press the button.
WiFi/ Ethernet Connected: The main center of fuel dispensers connects to software through network WiFi and ethernet switches.
Safety and Security: When the dispenser is not in use, the security pin is locked. By unwanted opening, the alert sensor will activate.
Eco-friendly: occupying small space.

Mobile Fuel Dispenser



Applicative Range: Diesel, Kerosene, Biodiesel, Any Non-Corrosive Petroleum Liquid

Flow Rate: 20-120 LPM

Accuracy: ±0.1%

Inlet: 1”

Outlet: 1” Auto Shut Nozzle

Totaliser: 9999999 (Electromagnetic Totaliser)

Suction/Lift: Self-Priming

Pump: Vane type Bi-Pump with built-in By-Pass Valve

Hose Reel: Self-Retractable (Spring Rewind) 1″ x 10 meter

Strainer: 120 Mesh Filter

Max pressure: 50 PSI

Max Temp: 80 deg C

Meter: Reciprocating Type PD

Display: Electronic 3-Display LCD

Modbus Protocol



  • Digital Flowmeter with Accuracy +/-0.1%
  • 2/3/6/8 KL Capacity variants
  • Filtration up to 150 microns
  • The auto cut of the nozzle
  • The highly accurate dispensing unit



  • Battery cut-off switch
  • Pressure & vacuum (PV) valve
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Emergency shut off valve
  • Battery inside the cabin
  • Fuel tank guard
  • Emergency vent
  • Fusible link
  • Firescreen



  • MACH Dish type partition
  • Lock assembly
  • Catwalk
  • Cradle support
  • Manhole & dome cover
  • Mild steel ladder
  • Delivery valve
  • Shutoff valve
  • ISI Marked Accessories