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 Control IPCs


Faststream Technologies Control IPC is an industry modular IPC used in Smart Factory,which is a simple PC-based control platform with comprehensive I/O modules, communication ports and control software for choice.Specially designed for combining Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) to take benefit of the tendency in Industry 4.0 and perceive smart factories in MES Integration & Production Traceability, Machine Automation, Equipment Monitoring & Optimization and Factory Environment Monitoring applications.







Control Cabinet PCs


Faststream’s Embedded Control Cabinet PCs work with high performance, several extensions, and robust chassis. Using iDoor Technology which aids automation feature extensions such as Fieldbus communication, Wi-Fi/3G, Digital I/O and POE. There are versatile Mounting space DIN-Rail Mount, Wall Mount, Enclosure Mount and Panel mount with easy installation shows market segments. In terms of the type of mounting, with their Control Cabinet PC, they are suitable for IoT gateway, motion and vision applications.







Embedded Automation PCs


Faststream’s Automation PCs are allocated to supplying industrial-proven and application ready control platforms. A complete robust design which includes multiple extension solutions and flexible mounting ways to attain the needs of different applications. Our Embedded Automation PC can use the mini PCIe format, by utilizing standardized modules and interfaces, which provides the customers the flexibility to configure the various I/O needs based on various applications.Our technology include: Fieldbus protocol; digital and analog I/O; smart sensor, communication and memory.





Intelligent HMI


Faststream Technologies supplies an unified and extensive range of HMI products which consists of High Performance Control Panels, Web-based Thin-client Terminals (TPC/ SPC/PPC/WebOP), Industrial Monitors (FPM) for process automation, on-site operation. Which is used for vertical markets and smart factory markets such as food & beverage, oil & gas and railway transportation.






IoT Mini Start Kit


Faststream Technologies IoT Mini Start Kit is a wireless platform featuring Bluetooth® and LoRaWAN™ communication, this all-in-one kit can assist engineers get started with developing IoT applications and enable them to quickly extract data and achieve success in real time.