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5G Open RAN

5G radio improves spectral efficiency while offering unrivaled network capacity. 5G New Radio technology is based on adaptable OFDM waveforms and multiple access techniques that have been optimized for a wide range of 5G services, applications, and deployment scenarios. Various 3GPP standards outline 5G (NR) functions, with the first phase finished in Rel-15 and the second phase completed in Rel-16. The Faststream Open RAN Solutions Software suite for 5G (NR) improves spectrum efficiency, traffic capacity, throughput, dependability, and the number of connected devices while also lowering end-to-end latency. Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Massive Machine-Type Communications (MTC), and Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications are just a few of the use cases that MNOs may utilize our technology to enable and support (URLLC).

Faststream OpenRAN outdoor gear is software-upgradable to 5G, allowing these expanded capabilities to be delivered at a significantly reduced cost.


Open RAN Network Software


Faststream’s datacenter-native software simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates network deployment. Our software-based, unified design supports not just newer technologies such as 5G and 4G, but also older networks such as 2G and 3G.


Features and Capabilities


It is not uncommon for earlier Generations to use a software-based approach. So far, it has been hard to reconfigure existing 2G and 3G radios to accommodate newer communication protocols like 4G and, eventually, 5G. Our solution is built for open interoperability, with a GPP-based baseband processing platform, radio hardware, software, and a streamlined business model that supports all existing and future Generations for a better, unified service to end-users at a considerably reduced TCO for mobile operators.


Faststream’s software platform, which separates hardware and software, helps mobile operators extend and modernize existing legacy networks to accommodate subscribers across all generations of technologies. Faststream’s Open vRAN solution includes a COTS vBBU, an OpenRAN-based RRU, as well as an OpenRAN Controller and network software package.


  • Mobile operators may replace obsolete Generations systems with our 5G Open RAN Hardware
  • Faststream vBBU is equipped with the future-proof architecture of DU and CU, which is installed at the network’s edge
  • Through the abstraction of conventional RAN and core network services on a COTS server, our approach allows a unified architecture



Use Cases Supported:


  • 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G large-scale deployments for outdoor and indoor
  • Network Sharing
  • Enterprise
  • Private Network
  • Public Safety


Benefits of Open RAN Solutions:
  • Can create a virtualized network in which pieces can be totally disassembled
  • Multiple operators can be operated utilizing multiple VNFs
  • Can open the link between the remote radio head and the DU
  • Provides operators with complete insight and control over their network security
  • Edge intelligence distributed for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks

Options for Deployment

Faststream devices allow multiple protocol layers to be housed in separate components dependent on fronthaul availability and network connectivity.

Our solutions enable mobile operators to select from a variety of hardware providers for DU and CU in order to get the highest performance at the lowest possible cost.

Faststream devices allow multiple protocol layers to be housed in separate components dependent on fronthaul availability and network connectivity.

5G OpenRAN