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The geofencing and speed monitoring applications can be used to inform the car owner if the vehicle has gone out of a predefined geographical area or is being driven faster than a preset threshold speed. The speed of the vehicle can be measured by speed sensors, and geofencing can be achieved with the help of GPS. This can be used for parental control or to remotely monitor the use of company cars.

Geofencing and Speed Monitoring, Speed Monitoring

Faststream Technologies fleet tracking solutions offer you numerous insights, such as GPS location, vehicle and driver activities, vehicle status, mileage trip log, driver behavior, speed, fuel consumption, and much more.


Connecting your fleet offers you the possibility to track your vehicles and drivers whenever you want and wherever you are. Vehicle data is sent via GPRS signals to a server. The data is translated into dashboards and reports and allows you to obtain valuable information on your fleet and its activities or status. Tracking your fleet through telematics software is a simple and time-saving way to optimize your fleet management.

Geofencing and Speed Monitoring, Geofencing Tracking

Maintaining an optimal speed by the driver is very crucial so as to ensure the safety of the vehicle and also fuel economy. Faststream Technologies’ geofencing and speed monitoring systems provide solutions to monitor the movement of your fleet. For the vehicles, it is very important for the safety of the driver and crew members. It not only ensures safety but also maintains the fuel economy at an optimum level, which also ensures better revenue and returns for the vehicle owner.