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AUTOSAR or Automotive Open System Architecture  is a systematized automotive software architecture, which keeps order in interfaces between application software and basic vehicular functions and it aids in creating common ECU software architecture for all the AUTOSAR members. AUTOSAR is expected to dispense intrinsic advantages to the members to control gradually more complex E/E in-vehicle environments like simple incorporation and exchange of functions in complex ECU networks and control over the entire product lifecycle. The AUTOSAR standard defines variations of the software architecture called AUTOSAR platforms: Classic AUTOSAR Platform  and Adaptive AUTOSAR Platform.

AUTOSAR Architecture

AUTOSAR  is a growing and evolving standard that defines a layered architecture for the software. The classic AUTOSAR platform runs on a microcontroller and is divided into 3 main layers


  • Basic Software Architecture (which is common for any AUTOSAR ECU and runs on a Microcontroller)
  • AUTOSAR Runtime Environment Layer (RTE Layer)
  • Application Layer


The AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) is further divided into three layers:


1.Services Layer,

2.ECU Abstraction Layer,

3.Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL)

classic Autosar

1.Services Layer


The service layer is the topmost layer of AUTOSAR Basic Software Architecture.


The service layer propounds


  • An operating system, which runs functionally from the application layer to the microcontroller at the bottom. 
  • Vehicle network communication and management services
  • Diagnostic Services (Unified Diagnostic Services, Error handling and Memory)
  • Memory services (Non Volatile RAM)
  • ECU state management
  • Logical and temporal program flow monitoring


2.ECU Abstraction Layer


ECU Abstraction Layer l and its drivers are independent of the microcontroller and dependent on the ECU and interfaces the drivers of the Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL).


ECU Abstraction propounds


Access to all the peripherals and devices of ECU, which supports functionalities like communication, memory, I/O, etc.


3.Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL)


The Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) also known as a hardware abstraction layer is the lowest layer of the Basic Software.

MCAL contains internal drivers which are software modules that are direct access to the µC  and integrated with the microcontroller through registers, and offers drivers like system drivers, diagnostics drivers, memory drivers, communication drivers (CAN, LIN, Ethernet, etc.), I/O drivers and more.


RTE Layer


RTE Layer is a middleware layer of the AUTOSAR software architecture between the BSW and the application layer and provides communication services to the application software for example AUTOSAR Software Components and/or AUTOSAR Sensor/Actuator components.


Application layer


The application layer is the topmost layer of the AUTOSAR software architecture and supports custom functionalities implementation. This layer consists of the specific software components and many applications, which are a group of interconnected AUTOSAR Software Components and perform specific tasks as per instructions.


The AUTOSAR application layer consists of three components which are: application software components, ports of software components, and port interfaces. Depending on the requirements of the application an AUTOSAR Software Component might be a small, reusable piece of functionality such as lane-keeping assistance, Wiper control, Automatic door unlock, etc.

classic Autosar

Services by Faststream Technologies


Faststream Technologies partnering with AUTOSAR, helps the automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers in many AUTOSAR related solutions like development, integration, and validation of  AUTOSAR basic software modules.We integrate the AUTOSAR stack software from tool suppliers,  and upgrade platform software to new AUTOSAR versions as per specifications and more.




Implementation of our Classic AUTOSAR basic Software:



  • Efficient and scalable AUTOSAR-compliant and OSEK/VDX compliant products for ECUs 
  • Full AUTOSAR support with one basic software stack, and one tool environment 
  • Safe and ready for series production
  • Single-/multi-core operating systems 
  • Tailor-made products, services and support Benefits 
  • Highest safety levels 
  • Time and cost savings through reusable software functions 
  • Safe, and reliable mass production ready software 



  • Highest safety levels 
  • Time and cost savings through reusable software functions 
  • Safe, and reliable mass production ready software


Adaptive AUTOSAR


Our Product Line



Adaptive platform for safe and secure applications




Micro-kernel-based hypervisor to run multiple (different) operating systems on one single CPU Adaptive platform for safe and secure applications




Container based Linux distribution


Faststream’s solution


Integrated development environment for the AUTOSAR products


Faststream’s Software infrastructure for high performance controller




  • Applicable for all domains: infotainment, highly automated driving, etc.
  • Modular architecture, flexible configuration of building blocks
  • Possibility to add new functions through updates
  • Hardware agnostic (ARM, Intel, NVIDIA, etc.)
  • Adaptive AUTOSAR based software stack



  • One-stop-solution for safe and secure high-performance computing
  • Pre-integrated software modules save time and costs
  • Prepared for operations of software infrastructure for 5+ years

classic autosar