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There have been various standards/guidelines utilized as a part of the development of software for different purposes. They have advanced over some stretch of time as with the development of the software industry. Distinctive enterprises require diverse standards/guidelines in light of their need. Despite the fact that these standards/guidelines have some similitude, they additionally have run of the mill uniqueness that recognizes them from others.



DO-178B/C is used to assure the safety of avionics software. These standards provide guidance in the areas of SW development, configuration management, verification, and the interface to approval authorities (e.g., FAA, EASA). We have executed a wide range of projects and enabled devices across various operating systems. Our DO-178B/C firmware and software development as follows:



          • Idea Surfaces
          • Initial Contact with Approval Authorities
          • Plans to Certification Authority
          • Requirements Definitions
          • Preliminary design, Follow-up with Detail Design
          • Implementation, Integration, Installation & Test
          • Operational Flight tests
          • Software Hardware System Approvals
          • Handover with Appropriate Training and Content Development.




          • Anti-missile defense
          • Data mining
          • Health monitoring
          • Mission planning and implementation
          • Mission simulation and training
          • Network-centric operation
          • Real-time data recording and analysis
          • Self-healing communication networks
          • Telemetry
          • Weapons targeting
          • Fly-by-wire controls
          • Auto-pilot
          • Air-traffic Separation Control
          • Glass Cockpit Information Display
          • Radar
          • Jet Engine Control
          • IFF (friend or foe)
          • Missile guidance, Missile launch, Missile self-destruct

do-178b/c firmware and software development



Aerospace companies throughout the world depend on associative partners to provide vanguard technology solutions and greater dexterity. At Faststream, we are delighted to work with the world’s eminent aerospace and defense companies to attain more and shape a better tomorrow cooperatively. As the desired supplier of aerospace solutions, we have engrossed cognizance for both our transformation and yield. As a Design-Build-Maintain partner that takes solution holding across the value chain, we delegate our clients by ranging deliberately to their objectives so that they remain forwards of the curve.

Over a decade of design experience as a risk-sharing partner, Faststream Technologies is well settled to transform the A&D product lifecycle for aero engines, structures, avionics, systems, and interiors. Our aerospace solutions in design to certification, manufacturing, aftermarket, and digital transformation using analytics escort substantial regulation and faster time to market.


Our Key Focus Areas:


With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, USA, and on-shore design centers in Bengaluru, India, Faststream Technologies propounds a certain, steady environment for the expansion of exploratory semiconductor design services for military and aerospace implementation. This facilitates Faststream Technologies to support the entire Trusted flow from initial ASIC design through wafer fabrication, utilizing other trusted suppliers for packaging and test. The Incorporation of the three consignments benefits military and defense customers by delivering a fully Integrated trusted design solution. A particular standard division is committed to Research & Development to secure that inner processes, caliber, and DO are respected.

Expert teams evolve and scrutinized products to outreach and prolong demand concerning Safety & Reliability (RMAS: reliability, maintainability, availability, safety). Faststream’s engineers have obtained distinct knowledge on Aerospace, Defence & Security projects in the following technical fields:


Power conversion and storagePower electronicsNetwork communicationRadio-frequency
Numerical electronics/ FPGA/ µCEmbedded softwareRugged computersHigh temperature





Our Capabilities:


  • Digital ASIC design flow methodology that fully assists the firm necessity of private aircraft makers that require to get DO-254 certification.
  • RHBD(Radiation Hardened by Design) solutions for Aerospace and Defense Enactment.
  • Vigorous silicon technologies, specify an increased temperature range from cryogenic to 150° C.
  • Connect the rigid quality standards historically required of ASIC vendor for Aerospace and Defense Solutions.
  • A container of plastic and hermetic packaging fit for high authenticity end solutions.
  • Offerings of Faststream’s Comprehensive intellectual property: high-rate serial I/O (SerDes); external high completion memory interfaces including OTP; ARM microprocessors; a diversity of other hard and soft IP.
  • Enlarged process lifetimes, executing the market need for safe, long life-cycle processes.
  • The adjustable EOL process entitles sufficient transition or EOL planning.


Using RISC-V to Simplify Data Logging in Space:


The universal requirement for small  Earth orbit satellites is gradually increasing at an unparalleled pace, operated by multiple necessities such as faster and more inexpensive  Internet access, and quick revisit rates with the excellent purpose for imaging data. The satellite payload instruments accomplishing communications or imaging functions are becoming increasingly enlightened and competent and require the assembling of growing amounts of telemetry data to handle the safe and well-grounded operation of the satellite.

This is articulated using different large, power-hungry, and heat-generating circuit cards that carry a diversity of distinct elements for observing payload health. The ingredient calculates of these I/O cards and the area and power they imbibe can all be remarkably minimized by getting advantages of the modern advances in  RHMSIC (radiation-hardened mixed-signal integrated circuits) of Faststream incorporated with a fresh  ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) for diminished instruction set operating called RISC-V.


FPGAs to Work in Software Radio Systems:


FPGAs have suited a growing principal resource for Aviation software radio systems. Programmable logic technology now propounds important precedents for executing software radio functions like Digital Down Converters (DDC). Over the last few years, the functions linked with Digital Downconverters have seen a transfer from being conveyed in Application-Specific IC (ASIC) to managing as Intellectual (IP) in  FPGA.



Our product team focuses on cost reduction, optimizing the resources, and thereby decreasing the ownership costs. The product sustenance and maintenance services include repairs and upgrades, inventory management, and obsolescence management.

Continued repair capability for a product,

Bug Fixes and Patch Development,

Hardware Fixes,

Regression Testing.

Component selection,

BOM health analysis,


Appropriate component replacement,

Component changes/additions.

Detailed reports on component obsolescence,

Hardware re-design,

Re-engineering for obsolescence and cost reduction.


With high reliability and 90% of our business area and expertise woven around DAL-A systems, our valued patrons can leverage on us on key parameters such as quality, delivery, total cost-of-ownership, schedule, value addition, and customer service. We can help aviation and defense production with:

  • Firmware updates
  • Test-jig development and manufacturing software development
  • Component procurement
  • System integration
  • Software upgrades and system enhancement
  • Verification and Validation
  • System deployment
  • HW Qualification & ESS (Environmental Stress Screening)
  • Maintenance support

Some of the key benefits that aerospace & defense production and defense offset include:


  • Cost-effective end-to-end solutions
  • Design and Engineering Support in various disciplines like RF, Digital, Analog, DO certified hardware and Software
  • Well-defined QA process
  • Reliability testing and Qualification
  • Well maintained Infrastructure with 24X7 Desk Support