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SolidWorks Modelling Services

Faststream Technologies offers Solidworks Modeling services for the  benefit of the customers. Solidworks is one of the most desirable means of producing designs and illustrates more functionally and easily. Using our Solidworks Design services you can get more statistics and drawing version style compared to other CAD technologies.


It’s simple to create, assign and manage your plans and data with the help of the Faststream’s Solidworks Design services. We propound each feasible solution using Solidworks for the satisfaction of our clients.



We make the best use of Solidworks products for our CAD design services including:


  • SolidWorks 3D CAD tools:This enables us to transform you innovative ideas into reality designs.
  • SolidWorks Simulation: For the best real world representation we make the best use of
  • SolidWorks Simulation: It also helps us to increase the quality of the designs as well.
  • SolidWorks Sustainability: For the best life cycle assessment for the designs we make use of SolidWorks Sustainability


The fact is that we make the best use of the SolidWorks products which in turn helps us to provide the best SolidWorks modeling services for our clients. Therefore, it is a guaranteed assurance that you get the best assurance for the quality of work along with the best assessments as you need. Not only that it is also the best means for data sharing with those involved in the project reducing the processing time


A Certified SolidWorks Professional


Our engineers have been heavily involved with SolidWorks since its inception, so have a forensic understanding of the software. Whilst many companies currently have the software, many users do not have the experience or resource to unlock its full potential. The Driven Design team has the expertise to ensure you get the most out of the software, as well as providing an extra pair of hands when you need them most, fitting seamlessly alongside your own in-house team to support extensive projects.


With so many specialist areas of SolidWorks, having a fully trained professional who can quickly locate the most suitable resources for your goals and industry, is highly productive. Whether it’s the Sheet Metal & Weldments tool for companies that fabricate, or Surfacing and Mould Design for companies working with plastics, our team’s intricate knowledge of SolidWorks means we are well placed to provide the support you need, when you need it.


Part / Assembly and Drawing Creation


When it comes to the generation of Parts Assemblies and Drawings part there are different perspectives occurring. If you are creating a high volume of designs with minimum complexity or a small volume of larger, more complex designs, Faststream Technologies is completely acquainted with the finest practices and techniques accessible for putting such assemblies and drawings together.Furthermore, many firms needed parts assemblies and drawings to carry inbuilt intelligence, enabling difference of such designs to be made quickly and easily.

If you normally needed an extra pair of hands to fit in to a fast-paced drawing office through busy time, or you are searching for a proficient designer to work on particular design projects, Faststream Technologies can supply the solution you want.Apart from this, Faststream can also bestow a ‘virtual drawing office’ as per requirement.Depend on personal want,Faststream prefers the most applicable tools,attributes and practices to foremost match of the application.


2D to 3D Modelling Services


Faststream has served many firms new to SolidWorks and 3D modelling. To assist instruction and advice, We have also guided many companies to bring their historic 2D drawing library up-to-date, ready for use in a new 3D format.Faststream can also supply an simple work to carry your endowment designs in modern format, transforming from 2D to 3D using SolidWorks. SolidWorks uses  different features to work with the translation of 2D data, enabling you to lead your designs into the 3D world without starting from scratch. In abstract, Faststream objects are to take the trouble out for converting your legacy design portfolio.


Drafting Services


If you have hand-drawings designed  from a drawing board, sketches in notebooks or generally an idea that requires transforming into readable engineering drawings, Faststream Technologies is glad to assist you. In this way with current CAD systems, a 3D model is designed to obtain the essential projected views. Therefore, you will get an extra 3D model at no extra burden enabling you to watch and link with your plan!

Faststream’s understanding of manufacturing and engineering also entitles us to generate industry grade drawings that take into deliberation exact  factory demands and processes.


Modelling For Automation


In Conventional way, when designing  a new design that is a contrast on a theme, you would have to re-use, change and create from past designs.Yet, utilising certain modelling methods model sets can be created which hold the design purpose, entitling simple disparities of a design or product. Faststream operates a different kind  of advanced SolidWorks functions to form smart adaptive models like equations, design tables, in-context relationships, and we can also use the SolidWorks API when a macro is needed.

Making a model set for automation needs a fully divergent approach. As a  technical expert in Automation software means we are fully worked and prepared in how best to put your models together for automation using Automation tools.


Advanced Modelling Tools


As SolidWorks is so eminently  used across different industry sectors,many specific feature sets and tools have been generated to help certain industries.

If you want SolidWorks Plastics for using the design of plastic components, Circuit Works, SolidWorks Routing and SolidWorks Electrical for electrical applications, Surfacing for generating organic shapes or Simulation for applying real-world situation, the Faststream Technologies design team have both the suitable background and skill set for the differents applications.


Presentations and Animations


When preparing a plan for stakeholders, or beginning the marketing campaign, the need to create life-like images and 2&3-D animations for proposals, presentations and pitches is essential.

The specialist from Faststream Technologies can guide you through the key features most suited to place your design in the environment that fits best, paying right observation to shadows and visual properties.

In the modern digital era, people not only want to see how a 3D model would appear in reality but also they desire to watch it in different colours or with various materials. They may even like to watch the model in several environmental fixtures or in a different light. With this, users would be able to interact with the model or even operation or walk-through to get more than one viewpoint.

Apart from these animations, the team from Faststream Technologies create proffered images of designs placed in proper and complimenting settings and scenes, pointing on lighting, shadows and placement.

SolidWorks has created an format of in-built features and core functionality. These include Photoview 360 which entitles us to generate photo-realistic graphical images for presentations, and SolidWorks Motion for animations and walk-throughs.

The SolidWorks Visualization products (formerly known as BunkSpeed) works in  a deeper and in-depth story to be told across professional photo-quality images, animations and 3D content.

Our skillful engineers can use both the extensive range of core functionality and features or the more developed options of the SolidWorks visualisation suite to best suit your needs.


    Benefits of Working with Faststream Technologies


  • Our depth of experience and dedication to quality will add significant value to your project.
  • We are dedicated to bestowing the best quality in our SolidWorks Services
  • Our highly competitive price will keep your drafting,modeling,and analysis projects under budget and provide extensive value for the money.
  • Fast turn-around time keeps your projects on schedule and stress-free
  • Close communication allows you to stay well informed.

Solidworks Modelling services