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Sr. FPGA / RTL Designer

Job description

    • 4+ years of experience in designing and implementing FPGA-based solutions in Xilinx or Altera FPGA, preferably FPGA-based product development experience.
    • Must have experience in System Design with Xilinx/Altera FPGA devices with relevant tools.
    • Must have experience in Verilog and/or VHDL coding.
    • Must have experience in RTL, synthesis, and implementation (floor planning and placement and routing) using FPGA tools.
    • Must have experience in using constraints to achieve timing requirements.
    • Experience in working on high-speed FPGA designs is a major plus.
    • Design architecture for FPGA-based solutions.
    • VHDL / Verilog based RTL design and Development
    • VHDL /  Verilog based Verification and Validation
    • Signal Processing Experience is appreciated.
    • Knowledge of Xilinx ISE, Vivado, and Altera Quartus Toolchain
    • Should have worked on PCIe, Aurora, DDR4, DDR3, Gig E, and 10G Ethernet-based design experience
    • Have worked on Microblaze, PPC, or ARM SoC based FPGA projects
    • Must have experience in building test benches for verification.
    • Must have experience in board-level testing and system debugging.
    • Must have knowledge in any of the protocols like UFS, UniPro, USB, Ethernet, PCIe, I3C, I2C, SPI, QSPI, UART, JTAG, SPMI, RFFE, SD, eMMC, etc.
    • Must have hands-on experience with FPGA debugging tools and test & measurement instruments such as oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer.
    • Should have strong problem-solving and debugging skills.



    • Senior FPGA Design Engineer will be working on our existing and next-generation Protocol Analyzers and similar products.
    • The role involves contributing to the entire FPGA-based product development flow starting from requirement analysis till final product testing in the lab environment.
    • The candidate will be responsible for architecture/microarchitecture design and implementation of the logic in Verilog for targeted FPGA, writing test benches to validate the design, etc.
    • The job involves frequent interaction with board design, software, testing, and lab teams to deliver the product that meets the customer requirements.
    • The job involves understanding and working with interfaces such as PCIe, GigE, MPHY/UFS, D-PHY/CSI/DSI, USB, SD, eMMC, I3C/I2C, SPI/QSPI, etc.


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June 11, 2021

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DFT Engineer
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June 11, 2021

Senior Physical Design / PnR (Place and Route) Engineer

Senior Physical Design / PnR (Place and Route) Engineer
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