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IP/SOC Design Verification

Job description

    • Development of verification plans – Verification environments, Test cases, and ensuring coverage and performance goals are achieved for IP and SOC levels.
    • Working Knowledge of ARM processors.
    • HVLS/Tools: SV, UVM, C – Domain: Networking, DDR2/3/4, Ethernet PCIe.
    • Experience in Design Verification.
    • Strong System Verilog or Specman expertise OVM/UVM/eRM expertise highly desired.
    • Good knowledge of protocols.
    • Ability and desire to learn new methodologies, languages, protocols.
    • Experience with SV/UVM/OVM/VMM with PCIe/USB(Mandatory 6 months experience or Specman/eRM/UV).
    • Experience with SOC with C/ASM-based tests, Graphics, or CPU is an added advantage.
    • SOC System on Chip Verification; Proficient in protocols like AXI, AHB, USB, PCIe, DDR, LPDDR, HDMI, MIPI, Ethernet.
    • Should have a good understanding of Digital Design Flow (CDC, Low Power, HDL Simulation, Synthesis) & Tools.
    • Preferred to have the know-how of ARM Cortex-A series Cores like A7; AMBA Busses – AXI, AHB, ATB, APB, and Associated Peripheral / Debug components.
    • Experience of working in complex test-bench/model in Verilog, System Verilog or SystemC, SystemVerilog Language like C, UVM methodology.
    • Specman e Language – language like Verilog similar to SV Methodology.
    • The ARM-based processor on an above lot of IP configured, 5 10 ARM core, IPs like PCI, USV, Ethernet, SPI, Sadus, Memory controllers, DDR, I2C.


    • 4+ Years

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February 19, 2021

Senior NodeJS Developer

Senior NodeJS Developer
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February 19, 2021

Physical Design Engineer (4+ Years) – Bangalore

Physical Design Engineer  (4+ Years) – Bangalore
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