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Predictive Maintenance Solutions & Services

Our Prevision Maintenance solution provides real-time & detailed analysis of equipment, as well as failure root-cause analysis, to avoid breakdown and malfunction. The analysis relies on Artificial intelligence to build the right failure model which is based on a set of rules or failure conditions.


  •  Real-time monitoring with a web of sensors spread over key assets like machines in a factory, truck fleet, ATM fleet etc.
  • Making use of several working-parameters models, learn of highly-possible future equipment failure and take measures to avoid the same thereby, avoiding business downtime.
  • Sensor data, historical data, data from various types of maintenance trigger events are aggregated and assembled as learning material for the AI that continually optimizes the workflow model & the entire maintenance process.
  • Automate relevant maintenance crew assignment and adjust schedule parameters for a specific business model when needed.
  • Increasing equipment uptime whilst significantly reducing the maintenance cost & aging of valuable assets.

Key Components:


Sensor Network: Intelligent sensors are integrated with industrial equipments to continuously monitor the status of the equipments. The sensors gather real time data which can be compared with present threshold values to identify any abnormalities.


IoT Gateway: The IoT gateway acts as a bridge between sensor and cloud back end. They transmit data for monitoring and analysis. For the IoT gateway, microcontroller board and software design can be customized as per the requirement.


Cloud Service: It provides data storage, computing, analytics reporting, and builds failure models.


Mobile/Web Interface: The mobile app or web dashboard serves as a control unit for managing the operations. Real time data is available, report generation, plugin integrations can be customized according to the requirements.

Key Benefits of our Predictive Maintenance Platform

  • Predictive Maintenance would help reduce downtime by a significant amount.
  • It would increase life cycle of assets by providing pre-determined maintenance alerts to reduce actual asset damage.
  • It would help increase machine efficiency by making sure assets are functioning in nominal conditions.
  • Resource Management of spare parts / machine parts would become easier with pre active maintenance alerts.
  • Helps improve supply chain by making efficient maintenance checks.
  • Proactive maintenance means all maintenance checks happen proactively avoiding redundancies and complete failures.