Internetof Things

The lines dividing the digital spheres and physical continuously get obscured in today’s hyper-connected world, generating an age of true convergence. A vital driver of this accelerating fad is the fast spreading of connected, smart machines, devices, products, services, people and wireless networks, commonly described as the Internet of Things. The IoT ecosystem consisting of intelligent appliances and meters, connected automobiles, radio frequency identification tags and wearables are producing extraordinary quantities of data around the different dimensions of customer and enterprise worlds.


By integrating the best of our industry components, ensuring a single point of accountability and delivering a complete end-to-end service for a range of verticals. We support you reach the market faster and deliver IoT solutions that define best practices and exceed expectations.


Our gateways are specially designed, keeping in mind, the diverse range of controllers and sensors that need to collect data. These are robust, comply with the industry standards and widely used in the market. Apart from the range of off-the-shelf products, we do custom gateway development for specific needs of customers.

IoT solutionApproach


  • Requirement analysis and business alignment.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Anticipating new use cases.
  • Tools and framework selection.


  • Platform design.
  • Design blueprinting.
  • Solution prototyping.
  • Agile and continuous delivery.
  • Developer enablement services.


  • Data testing using firmware.
  • Simulation-based testing.
  • Data comprehensiveness and accuracy testing.
  • Interruption testing.
  • Component certification.


IoT Gateway Solutions at Faststream technologies


IoT gateway is designed to support several use cases across various domains like smart home, smart energy, industrial automation, building automation and exposes REST API based SDK for application development. IoT gateway is compliant with the one M2M specification and uses the one M2M defined REST interface to connect to cloud applications.


Our IoT Gateway Solution features:


  • Facilitate compatibility across the IoT network. IoT Gateway ensures this by supporting a number of communication protocols like Zigbee, 6lowpan, Bluetooth, wi-fi, LoRA, Zwave.
  • Runs on JAVA OSGi framework and is independent of OS and hardware platform.
  • Pre-integrated with IBM Blue Mix and supports MQTT based interface to the cloud.
  • All the devices to be monitored or controlled have relevant sensors installed on them (temperature, humidity, proximity or other sensors).
  • Multiple southbound and northbound protocols gateway SDK for different applications.
  • 64-Bit DDR3-1066 support, 2x Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, 2x MIPI-CSI camera inputs, 2x USB 3.0, 6x USB 2.0, 4x COM, CAN, SPI and I2C as well as HDA and 2x I2S for audio, facilitating the design of highly innovative IoT gateways.
  • Seamless integration with edge devices and Third party services.
  • Expansion Connector Interfaces like Bluetooth, Zigbee, XRF, etc.
  • Rich Linux support (Debian-Ubilinux, Ubuntu, yoctoLinux).
  • Gateway software’s usage such as Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT, FogHorn Lightning, Eclipse Kura, Microsoft Azure IoT Gateway SDK, Bitstew Mixcore, ubiworx IoT Software Framework, VMware Liota.
  • Scalable to support any number of devices.
  • Industrial level product and backend Support.
  • Scalable IO module integration.


Our IoT gateway solution functionalities:


Protocol and data bridge- being able to translate and transfer data among and between systems operating with different communications protocols and data formats.


Storage and analysis- on-board application development platforms and storage to drive intelligence and decision making closer to the device.


Trusted connectivity and security- ensuring the integrity of the network and system in both directions.


Management- the ability to provision, update and control access of devices to the system as well as policy-based permissions.


We provide IoT services which include requirements assessment, process modeling, platform architecture design, system integration with CRM, ERP or other systems, testing and support. Our IoT services include,


  • Strategic consulting.
  • Cloud platform rollout.
  • Embedded IoT technologies.
  • Wearable IoT technologies.
  • Evolution, application and maintenance of IoT solutions.
  • Proof of concept (PoC).
  • Platform identification.
  • Platform evaluation.

Key Factors of ourIoT solutions

IoT Endpoints

Covers the physical world and operational technology required to connect things and communicate.


  • Things(firmware and non-IP connectivity).
  • Sensors.
  • Actuators.
  • Agents.
  • Edge computing device.
  • Communication protocols.

IoT Software

Our  IoT software services together to manage the IoT endpoints securely, represent the digital twin of connected things, process and analyze data, and provide APIs to consume and expose services.


  • Device management.
  • Digital twin management.
  • Event and data processing.
  • Analytics or machine learning.
  • API management.

IoT Apps

The Applications layer is where IoT solutions are brought to life, turning data into actionable insight, putting it in the hands of our users, customers and partners.


  • Integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Multichannel applications.
  • Integration.
  • Testing.
  • Deployment.