Our Internet of Things solutions provides one-of-a-kind opportunities for enterprises to hyper-connect individuals, systems, and processes. The IoT ecosystem is fairly fragmented and needs clients to deal with numerous vendors. Resolving this obstacle, Faststream Technologies has created a thorough set of service offerings as well as assets, in order to help consumers unlock business value.

The lines dividing the digital spheres and physical continuously get obscured in today’s hyper-connected world, generating an age of true convergence. A vital driver of this accelerating fad is the fast spreading of connected, “smart” machines, devices, products, services, people, and wireless networks, commonly described as the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT ecosystem, consisting of “intelligent” appliances & meters, connected automobiles, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, and wearables, is producing extraordinary quantities of data around the different dimensions of customer and enterprise worlds. And, firms have begun strongly leveraging Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, as well as various other turbulent technologies, to amass concrete understandings from this deluge of information that is originating from their digital and physical infrastructure.

Widespread Applications:

Be it enabling people to self-monitor their wellness & health via connected devices, or empowering manufacturers to make use of the sensor for optimizing equipment maintenance, as well as enhancing employee safety and security, IoT’s applications remain to broaden day by day. On the customer front, IoT Mobile Apps have made their way into our living-room, many thanks to the expanding adoption of smart devices, Near Field Communications (NFC), wearables, virtual reality headsets, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Firms across a number of industries including production, aeronautics, automobile, retail, energy, as well as mining are looking for to harness IoT-enabled convergence for increasing operating efficiency as well as enterprise productivity, and for changing their business models.

Faststream Technologies Internet of Things Solutions Advantage:

Run an insightful enterprise:

An enterprise-focused IoT Platform, Faststream Technologies accommodates a broad range of industries varying from retail, power & utilities, oil, and gas, aviation to building & infrastructure, as well as smart cities projects. The platform manages enterprise applications addressed at crucial functional challenges: Energy, Remote Asset Management and Asset Tracking. Faststream Technologies comes as industry’s durable, skilled, as well as proficient IoT platform fit for diverse verticals.

Unify your business procedures; bring BMS, logistics, energy, HVAC, warehouse, supply chain and all the other vital data under one platform.

Creating an ecosystem for SI’s and developers:

The platform proves to be one of the most effective multi-tasker among the IoT platform. Engineered to swiftly catch data from edge devices making use of the plug and play agent, Faststream Technologies gets rid of a huge burden off the shoulders of SIs, managing smooth SLAs. This extremely adjustable platform facilities quick time to market as well as deploy for IoT application developers and integrators.

Step into the future of thorough IT management; make effective usage instances with Faststream Technologies Internet of Things Solutions.

Compatible Edge Device agent for breakthrough performance:

Strengthen your IoT hardware devices (Gateways, as well as the sensor), while we work with the device connectivity aspect. Quickly connect and manage enterprise applications that work on tradition along with present systems. Minimize time to market as well as increase your returns with Faststream Technologies — the multi-gateway compatible agent.

Other Advantage:

  • Future Proof as well as High-Performance Solution leveraging clients assets as well as finest of type partner ecosystem.
  • Use of open industry leading standards.
  • The flexible architecture supporting numerous patterns of connectivity.
  • Secure solution by integrating parts of Industry leading security players.
  • Backed with the strong technology focus on Digital technologies in order to help customers take care of fast developments in technology.

Faststream Technologies Internet of Things Solutions:

  • IoT Implementation: The offerings consist of Sensor Data Analytics, Mobile Applications for Sensor data, Machine Learning & AI, as well as Sensor Applications Cloud deployment. Our services consist of combination and execution of partner products and system integration.
  • IoT Management: Services consist of, device management, the end to end security, Big data services, Cloud enablement, as well as APIfication of sensor data.
  • IoT Consulting: Faststream Technologies has an extensive IoT framework that covers areas from understanding organization requirements to the IoT development, as well as implementation method with a plainly specified roadmap.

Frameworks and assets:

  • Faststream Technologies IoT Sensor Data Analytics Framework (SDAF): An extremely adjustable Big Data based IoT framework to accumulate, change, store, as well as evaluate the range of sensor data.
  • Faststream Technologies Mobile data Visualization: An enterprise mobile data visualization product, which gives an instinctive and basic, web-based interface to create interactive reports and control panels based upon sensor data, as well as publish them on mobile devices.
  • Faststream Technologies Insurance Telematics Solution: A smart device based telematics solution that leverages the sensor capacities of mobile phones determining safety and security factors based upon driving patterns, for usage-based automobile insurance coverage.

Internet of Things Solutions Benefits:

Cost and operational efficiencies:

  • Process enhancement with the capacity to anticipate and make positive decisions.
  • Improved functional performance — downtime reduction, enhance asset efficiency, far better inventory management, decreased service time and so on.

Strategic Benefits:

  • Creating opportunities for brand new business models/revenue streams
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Qualitative inputs for marketing as well as product development
  • Long-term customer relationship
  • Reduced churn due to better service