Since past few years, many organizations have deployed Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to support their decision process. However, despite several years using Business Intelligence techniques, most companies still face key challenges related to the management of information like:

  • Users cannot access the right information in a timely manner or in the right context.
  • Different BI tools are accessing various data sources.
  • Data is inconsistent.
  • Data silos exist across disparate systems.
  • Data volumes continue to grow exponentially.
  • With Unreliable forecasts are produced regulatory compliance became difficult.

To cope with this changing marketplace, Faststream Technologies have come up with Business Intelligence solutions where businesses within spaces require real-time information shared across their mobile workforce, a 360º view of the clients, the capability to evaluate all available data resources and reveal crucial data through their whole connected supply chain.

Faststream helps organizations transform their traditional reporting solution into a decision making capability. We deliver and manage data warehousing, data modeling, business analytics dashboards, and reporting applications that provide improved performance and tangible business benefits.

Faststream helps customers to evolve & implement a successful solution, which aligns to the various stages of an organization’s Analytics needs. Faststream design and implement scalable solutions that identify business trends and patterns and strengthen decision-making with the predictive approach.

Faststream aims at improving collaboration between users and builds synergies by sharing data and insights. With next-generation Analytics Solutions, Faststream helps customers in data-driven decision making.


Managed Services: Analytics, Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Big Data.

  • Managed Services for Data to Decision Lifecycle.
  • Dedicated Team with expert SME Backing.
  • Data: ETL, Data Modeling, Reconciliation, and Analytical Data Marts.
  • BI: Adhoc Queries, Exploratory Analysis, Dashboards, Visualizations, and MIS & Reporting.
  • Analytics: Analytical Data Marts, Modeling, Validation, and Deployment.
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Map Reduce, PIG, HIVE, HBASE, and Data Lake.
  • Enterprise Common Information Architecture Framework.

Information Advantage Solutions and Products:

  • End to end integrated information products and solutions.
  • From Data Ingestion to Integration to Analytics to Rich Interactive UI.
  • Concept Definition to Development, Deployment, and Managed Solutions.

Architecture Services:

  • Business Process and Business Systems Architecture
  • Systemic view: Process, Systems, Applications, and Data.
  • Business Systems Architecture
  • Enterprise Data Architecture (DW/BI/Analytical Data Foundation)
  • Architecting for Big Data Explosion (Terabytes+)
  • Enterprise Common Information Architecture Framework

Business Excellence Services:

  • Capturing Dimensions of Business Performance
  • Translating Business Goals and Priorities to KPIs and Metrics
  • Map KPIs and Metrics through the Process Lifecycle Owners
  • Enable Exception based Management Framework
  • Iterative, Incremental approach with DMAIC framework
  • Customer Lifecycle and Customer Centric Business Decision Lifecycle

Assessment and Audit:

  • Current State Assessment and Future State recommendations
  • Technologies and Systems Assessment
  • Information Maturity Model Assessment
  • Data and Information Lifecycle Audit
  • Information Excellence Maturity Audit

Retailers nowadays are confronted with an ever more complicated and fast-changing marketplace. They’ve to constantly deal with new customer’s significantly diverse buying behaviors, multi-channel enterprise models, a demand-driven supply chain and also the have to be client-centric than ever. The only solution is Retail Business intelligence data analytics solutions.

Retail Business Intelligence Data Analytics Solutions:

Faststream Technologies retail business intelligence data analytics solutions help the retailer companies handle amazing levels of information – from employees to stock from suppliers to clients. A brand new report is generated for every interaction, and every fresh record is definitely a chance to find out more about steps to make your company that is retail effective and more successful.

To cope with this changing marketplace, Faststream Technologies have come up with Retail business intelligence data analytics solutions where businesses within this space require real-time information shared across their mobile workforce, a 360º view of the clients, the capability to evaluate all available data resources and reveal crucial data through their whole connected supply chain.

Regardless of the observed problems within the new worldwide retail model, we also provide a significant quantity of opportunities that is, unprecedented. That is, where Faststream Technologies’s retail business intelligence data analytics solutions come in. Faststream Technologies Retail Business Intelligence Data Analytics Solutions provide the opportunities to monitor, outlook and evaluate inventory and get a product that is aimed with client purchasing preferences, it allows to plan highly effective promotions and improve employment plans.

Retailers could be more lucrative and positive using Faststream Technologies Retail Business Intelligence Data Analytics Solutions:

  •  Our Retail Business Intelligence Data Analytics Solutions will help you to maintain a detailed attention on products, registers, clients, employees, and stores efficiency.
  •  Retail Business Intelligence Data Analytics Solutions helps you in evaluating prices, inventory change versus sell-through, and shrinkage and stocks increase by area, day, and shop.
  •  Evaluate cost markup and flexibility variations and enhanced product costs and campaigns.
  •  Evaluate campaigns’ and their halo or cannibalization influences on different products as well as efficiency.
  •  Evaluation of marketplace, product affinities across stores, regions and enhance store or internet layouts, enhance team’s capability to mix-develop and market bigger transactions.