Faststream Technologies Magento ecommerce website platform development services are most popular services in the industry today. Among the other e-commerce platforms, Magento ecommerce website platform development services is extensively used across the world. Magento Development Environment is a system which is at conceptual and practical level with respect to administration and development. As a magento ecommerce development solutions provider, we find Magento ecommerce platform’s approach as multi-channeled, allowing ecommerce business owners to integrate both physical as well as digital shopping experiences to the visitors.Many business owners have leveraged their ecommerce business in just 8 weeks of their Magento website launch which in turn has helped to push the conversion rate to 38%; and mobile conversion and page load to 60% and 40% respectively.

Magento ecommerce website platform development services. Magento website develoment services. Magento ecommerce development services.Faststream Technologies Magento ecommerce website development team  can deploy completely customized, reliable and scalable web storefronts and Faststream Technologies offers Magento website development and design  services at  reasonable prices. As a Magento development company, we  strive to give our customers with enhanced features that are envied upon by most other ecommerce website developers.

Faststream Technologies Magento e-commerce development and design services is loaded with features within the customer’s budget and business requirements:

  • Our Magento Website and design development team handles the hosting on a global scale.
  •  World-wide network of partners and certified Magento Development Agency
  • Our Magento custom development are flexible to create rich and unique shopping experiences.
  • Magento Developer Tools and hundreds of extensions.
  • Expert Magento solutions, support and guides.


Provide your web business an enormous upliftment along with innovative E-commerce Advancement.

Faststream Technologies offers a whole range of Magento e-commerce solutions intended for small, channeled along with huge companies, by means of impressive storefront design and development along with specialist usage of assorted Magento e-commerce developer tools. We are one of the leading Magento ecommerce website platform development services company in USA, along with just about all of our clients reaping large benefits through the rendering of our customized e-commerce progress options.

Magento ecommerce website platform development services / E-commerce Website design

Our team of creative designers along with programmers has verified experience with creating sites that will appeal to visitors, use a bigger transformation rate along with move further with enhancing benefit quantities. Effective e-commerce sites are usually ones that make searching a pleasing experience which might be performed easily along with being hassle-free. Faststream Technologies creates impressive and  very easy to use sites that make for the incredibly huge customer volumes with customer re-engagement effective along with gratifying searching experience.

Following are tools,frameworks and assorted languages extensively used by Faststream Technologies to provide an enriching customer experience for all customers.

  •  HTML
  •  CMS
  •  JavaScript
  •  PHP
  •  MySQL
  •  HTML5
  •  CSS3
  •  LESS or SASS
  •  JavaScript/ Jquery
  •  ASP.NET
  •  Python
  •  Zend
  •  Magento
  •  WordPress
  •  Sugar CRM