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IoT Product Development Process


At Faststream Technologies, we assist in your IoT vision to expand customer and business products enclosing connected automotive systems, Intelligent workspace, Smart wearable devices, smart homes, buildings, and cities. Using our core IoT Development platform which is an extensive, extremely protected, and most-authentic apps platform. Faststream Technologies offer futuristic solutions for IoT Product  development and Application Development.

Concept devolopmen

Stage 1: Concept Development


Here, we connect with clients to identify risks and challenges and plan and develop concepts for the product to be designed and built. 


Major Activities:

  • Evaluation of risk for the principle features
  • A new plan generation and concept experimentation
  • Build up and test the look and function
  • Architecture Plan for Electrical, Mechanical and Software Department.




Product Concept Documentation

Comprehensive Engineering process

Stage 2: Comprehensive Engineering Process


Faststream’s engineering team focused on the detailed Engineering process and delivering a full-fledged “ready for production” solution.


Major Activities:


  • Displaying simulations and prototypes model
  • Generate details engineering
  • Improvement of the earlier design features
  • Design the 3D CAD assembly geometry
  • PCB layout Design and Custom firmware coding 



Overall Documentation for the Pre-Production Prototype


Stage 3: Test and Prototyping


In this stage, we develop and test the “alpha” prototype.

Image_10. Test and Prototyping



Major Activities:


  • Usability checking, design feasibility
  • Authentication of product needs
  • Production size rectification and manufacturing
  • Connect with the vendor of the production module.



Complete pre-production prototype functionality.

Support in Production Process

Stage 4: Support in the Production process


Faststream Technologies supports clients with connecting the exact manufacturing partner and exchanging digital knowledge to production teams. 



Major Activities:

  • Execute the right quality control process 
  • Go-in-far with the top-quality manufacturing partner 
  • Coordination of the product file with the document control
  • Assist for the test run of volume manufacturing




Movement of new production and release of the product.

IoT Product Development Process