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Smart Traffic Management Solutions

Our Smart Traffic Management system offers centrally-controlled traffic signals and sensors which regulate the flow of traffic through the city in response to demand. It reduces congestion markedly, by smoothing traffic flows and prioritizing traffic in response to demand in real time.With Intersection Safety Analytics they can make decisions to help improve the safety of drivers, vehicle passengers, pedestrians and cyclists traveling on roads.

Smart vehicle inspection system


Our Solution connects and manages vehicle inspection and connects it to a centralized system that connects all the vehicle inspection centers. It captures all vehicle testing related details to manage end to end vehicle compliance to road and transport policies along with providing reports for auditing purposes.


Our Smart Vehicles Inspection System functions in two main areas. The first area is managing the vehicle testing process in a testing center and finally generating test results, payments and certificates. The complete vehicle inspection is monitored through cameras with face recognition features and the feed is logged into the system. The second area is connecting to a centralized backend system which links vehicle inspection centers that can also connect to traffic licensing management system.


Our Smart Traffic solution features


Junction Control System


Our system gives fewer delays and emissions at the signalized junctions by changing green times dynamically regarding the number of vehicles. The systems developed by us can communicate with each other through wireless connection for signal coordination and network optimization.


Vehicle Counting System


This system is capable of counting vehicles passing through a road section. It provides vehicle occupancy, vehicle speed, vehicle count and classification data in real time. The collected data is transferred to a remote control center through wireless/wired connection.


Junction Control Unit


It is used for junction management, signal optimization and the remote control of the traffic sensor including the detection of failure occurrence. Its high-speed processor allows analyzing collected data from various sensors in real time, and run the customized algorithms inside.