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It is tough for Smart Elevator Solutions manufacturers and maintenance Companies to keep a promise about performance on maintaining the positive return on investment as more no. elevators are being used across the globe and incident levels are gradually increasing. The Elevator Companies are facing a dearth of technical expertise and expensive labor for operating elevators as well as the Manufacturers also require to start the real-time stream of operational data for more product development.
Faststream Technologies IoT solution for Elevator is depicted to slowly grow the raw data collection from elevators and their operating environment to create actionable Preventive & Predictive Maintenance to decrease maintenance costs and minimize failure rates.



Faststream’s Predictive Maintenance on Elevator Management helps maintenance managers and manufacturers to predict the likelihood of future failures and determine asset failure factors that could impact elevator operations. By incorporating Faststream Technologies elevator IoT gateway, sensor node, and Cloud platform, Faststream’s smart elevator solution can entitle with data statistics, state monitoring, fault alarming, remote management, maintenance supervision, emergency response advertisement placement, and other features.


Lifecycle management, Smart Elevator

Lifecycle Management


Faststream Technologies covers the complete life cycle of the Elevator products and end-to-end solutions like from design and manufacturing to maintenance solutions, modernization, and end-of-life treatment. We carry out a life cycle impact assessment in accordance with the ISO 14040 standard, which depicts our greatest environmental impact stems are the energy consumption by our products during their operational lifetime.

Our commitment to energy efficiency means we are successfully reducing the environmental impact of our products during their life cycle using Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems which are essential technologies for succeeding at smart elevator initiatives.

Predictive Maintenance, Smart Elevator

Predictive Maintenance


One of our key uses of IoT in the elevator and escalator industry is predictive maintenance. At times of unanticipated breakdowns and many more issues, the Maintenance of the elevator and escalator may be troublesome. Faststrream’s IoT-connected elevators, as well as escalators, are used to anticipate maintenance faults quickly without the requirement of human intervention.

Machine Learning, Smart Elevator

Machine Learning


Machine learning is helping operators to better anticipate problems and manage the flow of traffic for elevators and escalators throughout the lifecycle of their equipment based on data collected from daily usage. In our case, it does not only synthesize incoming data but also allows our technicians to predict and suggest resolutions to detect potential problems before they manifest. The real-time data from the escalator and elevator is used for both maintenance teams as well as our customers, as a result, both parties are able to anticipate and resolve the possible problems based on the data transmitted.

Profit From Screen Ads


Elevator displays are the ideal location to deliver targeted ads and programming that will appeal to viewers. Various advertisements in elevators and escalators will let you reach out to the confined audience of tenants and visitors as they pass on a building and so this is the right way to grab people’s attention and deliver targeted communication. Screens inside elevator taxis that show news, amusement, or advertising make a one-of-a-kind open door for sponsors to open their administrations to an enthralled group of onlookers. IoT makes it possible to monetize mobility spaces in completely new ways With one back-end solution to manage all channels. By providing your elevator space you can sit back, relax, and expect extra passive income for your neighborhood.

Edge Computing, Smart Elevator

Edge Computing


As Elevators are movable and geographically distributed, so Security related problems are the major issues of an elevator, especially in emergencies it requires quick response and low power. The identification of unusual image arrangements and judging the uncommon behavior is perceived. Collecting, processing, and analyzing video images are completed at the network edge in real-time. The Edge computing nodes which are based on embedded devices are distributed and deployed according to the geographic position of the elevator.

Multi level Security, Smart Elevator

Multi-Level Security

The elevator and floor access can be controlled by our elevator security system with the help of Smart Cards and Readers and also prevents unauthorized people from entering the building. Faststream Technologies Elevator Security System consists of a complete CCTV Camera Surveillance system that can monitor 24 hours and dissuade criminal activities in elevators.

High stability, Smart Elevator

High Stability


By integrating Faststream’s smart gateway for the elevator, sensors, node, and IoT platform, Our smart elevator solution can be entitled to remote management,  state control, data statistics, fault monitoring, maintenance, placement of the advertisement, emergency response, and other features. Our solutions come equipped with a natively available firewall that can help with integration into more complex networks and ensure the stability and resilience of your wireless environment of the elevator.


Flexible customization< Smart elevator

Flexible Customization


There are many ways in which elevators can be customized from the lights and wall panels of the interior to the color and material used to make up the elevator exterior.

A variety of aesthetic styles in elevators that create moods for different needs is what we believe in Faststream’s solutions have different themes to choose from based on patterns, lighting, and material. The objective is to create a meaningful and memorable space by customizing not only the hardware sensors but also the software according to the user’s preference reset on his mobile app.










Benefits with Our Predictive Maintenance solutions on Elevator

Wireless Connectivity

Faststream Technologies Wireless connectivity can be accessed as inbound connections to specific elevator  IoT controllers and sensors.

Integrated Sensors

Faststream Technologies have worked with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of elevators to ensure native integration with critical sensing and alerting technology.

Cloud Connection

Faststream Technologies Cloud Management Service is a custom IoT software platform and ecosystem which can Connect with your device to open up a world of applications to make managing devices, connectivity, and provisioning simple.


A distinctive networking solution from Faststream permits deployers to make a remote connection to any connected elevator system directly using any SIM anywhere on the planet without the need for a static IP address.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

As fixed-line voice services are phased out across the world, Faststream’s devices can provide an outbound voice channel over cellular for an emergency operation.

Built-in Firewall

Our routers come endowed with a natively available firewall that can help with integration into more complex networks and ensure the stability and resilience of your wireless environment.

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