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Our comprehensive Connected Appliances platform brings automation to key home devices, interconnecting them to their customers’ needs, thereby effectively becoming a part of the Smart Home ecosystem.

For too long the devices in our homes have been static and monotonous, but with IoT bringing about an interconnectivity revolution, these same devices will act to cater to the requirements of their customers, either on their own or in response to a stimuli.




  • Checking and manipulating consumption, costs and scheduling becomes much easier as the framework allows this using a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Facilitate lower rates, lower maintenance costs and the peace of mind of having alarms in case of tank leaks/shot circuits or other hazardous situations.
  • Offer Demand Response programs based on frequency, consumption and usage rates..
  • The IoT gateway controller can provide insight into the water tank parameters including the state of the heater, instantaneous demand, voltage, current, frequency, etc.
  • Choose your connectivity; broadband or a dedicated cellular connection.




  • The app relays the operational status of the system to the user. Like Air Filter Status, Temperature Control, Compressor Gas levels, Status of heating/cooling rods, Optimum room temperature.
  • It enables users to set an operation schedule based on occupation status.
  • Certain equipment, such as ATMs, Printers, Chemical Plants & Heavy Machinery require a consistent temperature setting so that they remain highly productive. Ambient temperature can be achieved by IoT Air Conditioner solutions.




  • Our IoT enabled platform helps consumers with real-time shelf monitoring. Like they.
  • OTA enables cloud-based over the air updates to make sure you always have the latest firmware.
  • Insta view allows a peek-a-boo into your fridge without opening the door. Just tap the door twice and the chromatic glass becomes transparent giving you a look inside.
  • Smart Cooling enables automatic climatic control and temperature management.




  • Powered by an advanced hall effect flow meters to monitor the amount of water that has flowed through the cartridge.
  • Using an advanced state of the art signal processing system, our flow meter is extremely precise and efficient.
  • The flow meter shall calculate the amount of water flowed through the filter cartridge and push real-time updates to the cloud and mobile devices to make sure the user is always aware of the status of the filter cartridge.
  • Analytics Dashboard would provide an extensive report on water quality, minerals and other relevant factors.