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With the huge acceptance of 3D modeling, our services have high desire these days and we provide a vast area of product design and modeling services for our clients. In every level of product design and forming modeling with ultimate accuracy, our services have been expanded. Solidworks Modeling Services by our specialist team specializes in delivering the proper details of design and 2D & 3D modeling according to client needs. These set up Faststream Technologies one of the leading names in offering Solidworks design services in India.


FaststreamTech Solidworks Modeling Services can give you the appropriate statistics and 3D Models as you have required with absolute clarity. Solidworks design is a less time-consuming process therefore there is no necessity for depending on manual drawings and the large process of fulfillment of your building plans and approval.

Success stories

1.Automotive Parts and Assemblies Manufacturer Company





Solidworks Modeling Services by our specialist team specializes in delivering the proper details of design and 2D & 3D modeling according to client needs. The client intended to streamline its operation by employing a solution to address its 2D drawing requirements. It was examining the possibilities of outsourcing drawings to a reputed offshore vendor, which could provide a solution that seamlessly integrated with its production processes resulting in higher efficiency owing to less disruption in the production process. Ensured that the standards for 2D detailing set by the client were adhered to from the commencement till the end of the project Ramped up operation to enable the delivery of the project within the stipulated time and followed the ‘train the trainer’ model to ascertain there was strict.




  • The client witnessed cost savings of up to 44%
  • The project review was conducted on a day-to-day basis resulting in higher transparency and efficiency.



2.A hockey Board Manufacturing Company




A hockey board manufacturer, invested in automation to define the configuration of customized board sizes. They are able to automatically create tool paths and instructions for their CNC machines and robotic systems directly from SOLIDWORKS.





  • Cut production time by 62%.
  • Tripled manufacturing throughput.
  • Achieved a 40% share of the market. As a result, expanded into new markets.


3.Commercial Seating Company





The client, in the past few years, has observed few competitors outperforming their marketing strategies with 3D software applications. To stay competitive, creating 3D product animation was an absolute need for the client’s ergonomic commercial seating sales. The client, therefore, consulted with Faststream Technologies for proposing the creation of 3D product animations for its products that should detail the various commercial seating functionalities and designs. Working with a special team of 3D animators guided by a project manager to create 3D models. Applying material properties, and setting up lighting camera angles we equipped ourselves with the latest technologies/applications in addition to our in-house capabilities.

Broadening our thoughts so we reach the client’s needs beyond its expectations and

conducting an in-house experiment on final drafts to assure 100% quality and accuracy

We send preliminary samples for client reviews and feedback.




  • Increased sales by 50%
  • 60% savings in promotional/advertising expenses.
  • Improved conversion rates and increased consumer engagement.
4.3D CAD Migration From Parasolid AND STL



The client was looking for an outsourcing partner who could perform 3D CAD migration from Parasolid and STL to SolidWorks for all of their components. Since the process was highly technical, they were looking for an experienced service provider who could make modifications to their existing product range, while also performing 3D Modeling and Detailing using SolidWorks software. After a considerable time spent searching for the perfect partner, they chose Faststream Technologies based upon our industry experience and our mastery over a variety of 3D CAD software, including SolidWorks.

Two full-time resources were assigned exclusively for this client. All resources were thoroughly trained and a scale-up strategy was prepared. We used a VPN to satisfy all legal issues, and utilized minimal software licenses by working on the client’s models from India. We set apart an exclusive bandwidth channel dedicated to the client’s project. Since the project involved working extensively through VPN, we took stringent security measures to guard against any potential threats. All our workstations dedicated to the project were installed with the latest software such as SolidWorks 2019, AutoCAD, SolidWorks Composer, and SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (license was provided by the client).




  • Our highly experienced and dedicated resources worked at 60% of the cost as compared to the US.
  • Our on-time delivery for the client resulted in significantly faster response times of more than 30%.
  • The client was able to achieve a 40% reduction in costs.


5.Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Company




The client approached our team at Faststream Technologies requiring services and assistance with a faulty automatic valve actuator. We were required to analyze the CAD designs of a component that was a part of an HVAC cooling and ducting unit and based on observations and suggestions; ascertain why the model was faulty and how it could be improved.

We were required to step in as an outsourcing partner who had the expertise in new product development and could complete this project accurately and within the needed timeline.

We started by analyzing the CAD designs based on their initial observations and suggestions. We created visualizations of the expected functionality and engineering visibility and then presented our suggestions to the client. The client validated our suggestions, and in cases where a certain aspect was rejected, we reworked our designs. We also applied design changes in AutoCAD inventor and added these details to the final output.

Solidworks Modeling Services