middleware api development

A middleware layer with predefined API’s is used to achieve higher layer application code portability. This kind of a middleware layer is should be modular and scalable for expansion and compatibility. We provide API creation services and services for porting middleware protocol stacks including USB Host and Device stacks, TCP/IP network stacks, supporting file systems etc to hardware.



We offer implementation of USB Host stacks and USB Device stacks for providing support to classes on top of a variety of micro controllers and microprocessors. We have worked on multiple USB device driver development on Mac OS X. We have build ultra-low foot print USB stacks on Bare metal systems powered by smallest MCUs.



Java technology is having an impact on embedded systems as it supports development of portable and extensible applications. Java programs are platform independent due to which one can come up with porting system for java virtual machine which will let it to be used with main real-time kernels used in embedded applications. We have also developed Java Native Interface classes to support custom device specific functionalities. We have good command over JVMs like Kaffe, RTJ etc.



Because of easy development procedure, many applications are developed on .NET environment and used in embedded systems running Microsoft Windows CE OS. We have implemented these programs on Linux with .NET CLR Runtime technologies like Mono runtime and Open Compact Framework.



Our API development services include creating commands for the hardware operating under Linux interface. We provide API development services to design a optimal middleware which is modular and scalable for expansion and compatibility for the enterprise requirement.



We can support you in Android HAL development for devices with application integration. We can create software solutions for your hardware to connect to normal Linux interface.



We have rich experience in networking and communication protocols, drivers, and utilities to provide network support in any embedded device. We have ported many network protocol Stacks to different embedded systems. We have set up some of the protocols in embedded systems like HTTP, TCP/IP, ICMP, FTP, RTCP, UDP, etc. Our services include application layer stacks, driver development for communication modules, development, porting and testing of protocols.