ASIC,SoC,FPGA solutions

Faststream Technologies delivers high precision application specific integrated circuit design solutions and development. We have been a leading ASIC, SoC, FPGA solutions provider since seven years in the country. Leading cloud-based service providers, enterprises, and other mobile network companies are constantly looking for the specialized solutions in these fields.

Over the years, Faststream Technologies has improved the design and development methodology of ASIC, SoC, FPGA solutions and is noted for delivering complex, high-performance ASIC, SoC, FPGA solutions offering significant time – to – market across various specific industrial requirements since seven years.

Faststream Technologies  ASIC, SoC, FPGA Solutions capabilities:

  • Faststream Technologies team of integrated circuit design solutions engineers has best hands on experience in chip manufacturing to maximize performance and minimizing the power.
  • Faststream Technologies have a team of semiconductor designers provides best ability to expand clients projects and to meet clients new market demands.
  • A specialized team of integrated circuit design solutions professionals that help us to convert the designs from FPGA to FPGA, ASIC to FPGA and multi FPGA’s
  • Faststream Technologies have a dedicated lab to design with dedicated ARM engineers for the embedded ARM FPGA projects.




At Faststream Technologies, we provide ASIC, SoC, FPGA Solutions catering to the client’s requirements;

  • We offer ASIC RTL design services which come with the integration of SoC, Microarchitectural designs, RTL coding, functional verification and IP development.
  • We provide ASIC, SoC, FPGA solutions and integrated circuit design solutions  which include; architecture definition, ASIC prototypes, synthesis and optimization, feasibility study and microarchitecture designs, RTL Linting, Floorplanning and Timing closure.
FPGA Design

  •  Feasibility Study
  •  Architecture Definition
  •  Micro-architecture design
  •  RTL Coding & Linting
  •  Functional Verification
  •  Synthesis and Optimization
  •  Floor-planning & Timing Closure
  •  ASIC Prototyping


    •  Micro-architecture design
    •  RTL Coding & Linting
    •  Functional Verification
    •  SoC integration
    •  IP Development


    •  SoC/IP Functional Verification
    •  Low Power Verification
    •  Analog Mixed Signal Verification
    •  Hardware & Software Co-verification
    •  VIP Development & Verification
    •  SystemC /TLM Modeling
    •  Formal Verification
    •  EDA Tool Validation
    •  Post-Silicon Bring up and Validation

Physical Design & DFT

  •  RTL Synthesis, Physical Synthesis
  •  DFT, ATPG & Fault grading services
  •  Hierarchical Floor planning & Partitioning
  •  Place & Route, Customized Clock Tree Synthesis, Signal Integrity Analysis of Signoff Services – Power/EM/IR/Noise, STA with On-Chip Variation (OCV), o Physical Verifications Layout migration Custom Package design