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Universal clock

In our homes and offices, multiple clocks are being used which are to be set individually. This results in problems like unsynchronized time and offset from actual time (lag or lead). Additionally, batteries have to replace in each clock at regular intervals. To address these issues our company provides the following solution – The Universal Clock.


It consists of Master Clock (Transmitter) and multiple Slave Clocks (Receivers). The master clock receives signal from GPS module, extracts the timing information and sends it to different clocks. Therefore all the slave clocks display the same time.




  • Houses having many rooms.
  • Offices and Tech Parks where few transmitters can be deployed to synchronize countless receivers.
  • Stock Markets where trading shares require time to be displayed accurately up to a second.
  • Malls and public places where there is a lot of space to cover.




  1. Time Accuracy:  +- 1sec
  2. Range: 100 meters (Line Of Sight)
  3. Operating Temperatures: 0˚C ~ +50˚C (continuous), -5˚C ~ +55˚C (intermittent)
  4. Operating Voltage: 9V

Overall Configuration:


Block Diagram: