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SONET Verification

The Faststream Technologies SONET eVC can be used for verification of any Synchronous Optical Network components like : Regenerator, Line Terminating Equipment (LTE), Section Terminating Equipment (STE), Path Terminating Equipment (PTE). It works with all HDL simulators that are supported by Specman Elite™.




  • Compliant to ANSIT1.105 standard
  • STS-1 frame with configurable payload mapping
  • Interleaved and Concatenated STS-N frame generation where N= 1,3,12, 48,192,768
  • On-the-fly payload type mapping to the frame
  • Deterministic and random payload generation for ATM, and DSx mapping
  • Virtual Tributary (VT) grouping for DSx as well as custom payload
  • On-the-fly Transport Over Head (TOH) and Path Over Head (POH) configuration for single frame or multiple frame pattern
  • Error injection in Overhead Octets and Pointers
  • On-the-fly pointer adjustment via New Data Flag (NDF) and justification field
  • Programmable VT pointer
  • Configurable Frame scrambling engine
  • AIS Protocol Checking and event generation Parity calculation with/without error as per configuration
  • Configurable abstraction and analysis of:
  • Payloads for different mapping like ATM, DSx
  • Interleaved & Concatenated STS-N frames
  • Super frame and VT groups
  • Overhead at Group and Octet level
  • Scoreboard monitoring of:
  • Payload for different mappings
  • TOH and POH
  • VT Overhead and pointers
  • Payload Pointer



  • For System verification, the configurable test environment is available to verify functional compliance to SONET Standard. SONET eVC test environment provides the channel to inject application-specific frame. The test suite covers all types of payload mappings outlined in the SONET standard.



  • Fully verified SONET eVC code in encrypted form
  • Documentation-User Guide and Release Notes
  • Test suites

Block diagram: