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PCI Express 4.0/3.1

PCI-Xactor is a comprehensive VIP solution portfolio for PCIe 4.0/3.1 used by SoC and IP designers to ensure comprehensive verification and protocol and timing compliance. PCI-Xactor implements at Faststream Technologies a complete set of root complex, endpoint, switch, and SR-IOV models, protocol checkers, and compliance test suites utilizing a truly flexible and open architecture based on a 100% native SystemVerilog and UVM implementation.




  • Dynamically configurable BFMs supporting root complex, endpoint, and switch. Compile once and select configuration at runtime as RC or EP
  • BFM randomly configures DUT during enumeration to test more supported configurations in less time such as randomizing equalization (coefficients, presets, reject coefficients) where many PHY layer issues are found
  • Root complex BFM mirrors DUT configuration enabling context-based validation
  • Inject errors at all layers using callbacks and packet operations such as nullify, drop, nak, field override, etc.
  • Transaction class and multi-function request/completion queues makes modeling large, high bandwidth, interleaved, delayed traffic request and completion streams easy. Stream TLPs based on random source request function and target memory and config space.
  • SV constraint set on all packet and transaction classes generates rich set of normal and error packets
  • Multi-level protocol trackers (TL, DLL, PL) makes debugging faster
  • Functional coverage tracks TLP/DLLP commands and device states
  • Comprehensive assertions track PCI-SIG compliance checklist coverage and isolate DUT bugs faster
  • Comprehensive directed and constrained random compliance testsuite achieves high protocol coverage.




  • PCIe dual-mode RC/EP, N-port switch, and PIPE 4.2 PHY driver BFMs
  • Compliance test suites
  • User Guid