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The Consumer Electronics Advanced Technology Attachment (CE-ATA) eVC is a complete verification environment capable of verifying CE-ATA compliant Host or Device implementations. Based on a flexible architecture and taking full advantage of Cadence’s Specman Elite platform, the CE-ATA eVC is a powerful tool for design and verification engineers looking to build or integrate CE-ATA compliant silicon IP.




  • Written in <i>e</i> and fully compatible with Specman Elite – HDL independent
  • <i>e</i>RM compliant – Plug-n-Play
  • Support for advanced Verification Process Automation (VPA) integration
  • Functional coverage analysis for Coverage-Driven Verification (CDV)
  • Fully compliant with CE-ATA Digital Specification revision 1.1 and later
  • Dual Agent architecture can be used to verify both CE-ATA compliant Hosts (Masters) and Devices (Slaves)
  • CE-ATA Host Agent Sequence Driver supports constrained-random generation at both CE-ATA and MultiMedia Card (MMC) layers
  • CE-ATA Device Agent emulates device behavior with integrated memory model and response generator
  • Error injection at multiple protocol and transmission levels
  • Independent Monitor can be used to examine CE-ATA bus traffic in any simulation environment
  • Layered Bus Protocol Checker
  • Data Integrity Checker with built-in reference model of a CE-ATA Device




  • Cutting edge: Verify cutting edge CE-ATA technology on the most advanced and reliable verification platform, Cadence’s Specman Elite
  • Advanced VPA: Enter the age of Verification Process Automation and take advantage of advanced
  • management features such as <i>v</i>Plans and multiple viewports
  • High ROI: The CE-ATA <i>e</i>VC is a flexible environment which allows users to build different test benches quickly and effectively
  • Maximum Reuse: Build a verification platform solution that will support all future development needs around CE-ATA
  • Best-in-class support: Free Silver-Class technical support for the duration of the L
  • icense Term.




  • Partially encrypted <i>e</i> verification environment
  • Executable verification plan (<i>v</i>Plan)
  • Detailed documentation including a Quickstart Guide, Test Writer’s Guide, Examples and Reference
  • <i>e</i>RM-compliance report
  • HDL wrappers
  • Test and configuration examples in <i>e</i>