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400G Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC) IP

The Faststream Technologies 400G High Speed Ethernet (400G HSEC) Subsystem dispenses the 2400G Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC) with a Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) inclusive of Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (RS-FEC) or a standalone 400GAUI-16 PCS/PMA with RS-FEC.

The 400G Ethernet Subsystem is depicted in the IEEE 802.3bs level. The expanded requirement from mobile traffic and cloud computing is forcing next generation routers and switches to 400G and beyond.


Key Features and Benefits:


  • Depicted to IEEE 802.3bs calibre.
  • Comprises finalized Ethernet MAC and PCS/PMA functions (including RS-FEC), or standalone PCS/PMA (including RS-FEC)
  • LBUS packet-based user interface
  • Cognitive statistics assembling
  • Stature signals for all major functional measures.




  • Ethernet 400G BFM’s for
    • MAC layer
    • Appeasement layer 400GXS
    • PCS Layer
    • PMA Layer
  • Ethernet 400G layered observes and scoreboard, test
  • Test environment and Test Suite- 
    • Fundamental  protocol directed tests
    • Error Inoculation tests
    • Assertion and cover point tests
    •  User Test Suite
  • Incorporation guide , user manual as well as release notes
  • GUI analyser to prospect simulation packet flow

Block diagram: