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MWC 2019: Connect, Optimize, Transform with our IoT platform

Join us at the Faststream booth for the keynote presentation by our CEO Vinay Bansal on how we’re using IoT, ASIC, SoC, VLSI, Smart City, Smart Home, and more to revamp cities and multiple industries. A number of demonstrations will be hosted in the 8.0F25 Hall 8 including IoT, AI, NB-IoT, Lora and Sigfox, and Machine Learning.

Faststream Technologies will be showcasing its entire arsenal of smart city solutions to unlock a realm of possibilities to improve the way cities operate, communicate, tackle pollution and meet the needs of citizens. We have been using our IoT expertise to deploy solutions and thus helping cities develop and implement a smart, efficient and holistic approach to address current and future needs. Our comprehensive suite of smart city solutions ranges from traffic management, energy efficiency, e-governance, intelligent lighting systems, home and building IoT systems and smart healthcare. Faststream Technologies provides different types of smart parking solutions – ZigBee Sensor-based, Ultrasonic sensor-based and Wi-Fi camera-based catering to street side parking, indoor parking and multi-level parking. This includes advanced analytics and integrated camera capabilities connected via control system and a smart software platform to enable a wide range of functionalities like space allocation, vehicle tracker etc.

Faststream will showcase its latest advancements in the Smart Home arena, together with a peek at the future through demonstrations and previews in the event. From WiFi, cellular, app-enabled alarm and video systems to remote security and energy management, our solutions cater to today’s mobile-driven lifestyles and ever-evolving residential needs. We ensure property owners have complete control, comfort and visual confirmation. We believe in researching, designing and delivering comprehensive and easy-to-use smart home solutions. The latest developments to the streaming server technology will deliver real-time transmission of multimedia and content rich files. Thus, we are able to achieve easy integration with connected cameras, battery cameras, lighting, smart plugs, and sensors used among various applications, including surveillance, security and home automation. We are able to overcome signal fading, signal reflections and other interference that limit the throughput, range and reliability of current wireless technologies.

Faststream offers to build well-designed, custom silicon solutions for a wide range of applications; from wired/wireless communications, ultra-high performance computing to battery focused IoT, local connectivity, personal multimedia and advanced sensors. We can get involved at any stage in the service through system/platform design, SoC design, synthesis, physical layout, manufacturing support and product implementation.
At MWC 2019, watch how the technology between humans and machines is slowly dissipating as we demonstrate the next generation of smart wearables. Along with the potential to sell added software and services, wearables are emerging as an increasingly lucrative market for brands and service providers. We develop IoT wearable technology software with features and applications that enable functions such as data integration across apps and devices, multi-device data exchange, in-cloud data storage, controlled firmware updates, autonomous computer communication, data analytics and reporting.

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